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artimelt to Showcase Color-changing Adhesives and more at ICE 2019

Published on 2019-02-26. Author : SpecialChem

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artimelt-2019 artimelt will be attending the ICE 2019 from 12.-14.3.2019 in Munich in Hall A5, Booth Number 1180, and be inspired by the artimelt spirit.

Range of Innovative Products for Multiple Applications

The key highlights from artimelt will include the products like artimeltsepia, linerless labels, hot-melt adhesives for demanding or tricky applications and range of low peel adhesive for better flexibility. The complete range to be showcased is as follows:

1. artimeltsepia Color-changing Adhesive: artimelt sets a new standard for security applications. With artimeltsepia temperature manipulation is a thing of the past. The color change definitely proves the manipulation of the adhesive.

Colored adhesives from artimelt not only look nice - they also perform a security function. Manipulations through cold or heat trigger a color change in the adhesive. Irreversible systems cannot be reversed without this being noticed.

artimelt adhesives are 100% solid systems and free from solvents. From showing attempts to tamper with security applications (e.g. security labels, security bands or the closures on security packaging), color-changing adhesives are also an ideal tool for ensuring constant temperatures. It is therefore possible, for example, to ensure that cold chains in the food industry are maintained.

2. artimeltlinerless: The use of linerless labels has picked up in recent years. Linerless labels are an attractive solution that customers and environment enjoy. artimelt offers different solutions for this application.

3. artimeltsurface for Demanding Surfaces: In several months of intensive development work, artimelt has developed a rubber-based hot melt with the adhesive L1 1452, which has a very high adhesion to silicone-containing surfaces. The adhesive can be used to make classic labels as well as adhesive tapes.

artimelt offers a wide range of hot melts - from removable self-sticking adhesives to radiation-cure systems to heat-activated adhesives as well. artimelt adhesives are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality management system, the ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 13485.

4. artimeltlowpeel: With the artimelt low-peel / gentle-peel line, artimelt is pursuing a new adhesive concept, which gives the customer even more flexibility in terms of product variations. artimelt low peel / gentle peel are products that have similar properties to those of silicone adhesives, but are produced using acrylate-based raw materials instead of silicone. artimelt low peel / gentle peel adhesives allow painless removal, induce no anxiety prior to a change of dressing, and do not have a negative effect on the wound healing process.

Source: artimelt
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