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ATL Composites Formulates Techniglue R70, a Bio-based Epoxy Adhesive

Published on 2014-04-08. Author : SpecialChem

Techniglue R70, the new bio-based adhesive system developed by ATL Composites, has been formulated for improved user safety and to reduce the impact on the environment that comes from using petro-chemical based, thermo-set resins.

Designing an epoxy formulation to meet physical and mechanical properties is a compromise and requires thorough testing of ingredients and combinations. The raw materials which form the base of the R70 system are made from industrially grown and harvested, renewable, plant origin.

Natural phenols are reacted to create a natural 'green' base epoxy system. Production consumes less energy and water than standard petroleum based epoxies, and also reduces wastes and greenhouse gas emissions.

Components used in the manufacture of R70 do not contribute to replacement of food crops or increased de-forestation.

Techniglue R70 is a high strength, eco-friendly system with good overall chemical and mechanical properties. It is tolerant of damp and low temperature conditions, and cures to a non-brittle, low-shrink adhesive with good gap-filling capability and excellent hold-up on vertical surfaces.

R70 is suitable for structural bonding applications in the marine, automotive, building and construction industries, and will bond components fabricated from wood, concrete, fibreglass, stone& marble, pottery, and metal. It has been independently tested, by FORAY Industries, and gained approval for VOC compliance under the specification of the Green Building Council of Australia / Green Star Office Design V3 IEQ-13 with less than 1 gram per litre as VOC content.

Available with a choice of Fast and Slow hardeners, R70 provides an optimal balance between performance and environmental sustainability.

About ATL Composites

ATL Composites holds a strong and successful position as an epoxy formulator, and is a leading supplier of advanced composite materials and engineering, for the construction of high performance, lightweight structures for the marine, automotive, architectural, civil and industrial tooling markets.

Source: ATL Composites

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