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Bondloc Unveils Sustainable Anaerobic Adhesive Range

Published on 2022-09-05. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Bondloc Unveils Sustainable Anaerobic Adhesive RangeBondloc has developed a range of “White Label” safer anaerobic adhesives. The new adhesive range offers exceptional bonding performance without hazardous, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic ingredients.

Safe Bonding with Zero Compromise

The Bondloc range of safer products is popular with engineering and manufacturing facilities looking for more responsible chemistries to support the environmental and occupational health agenda, which in turn reduces the requirements for COSHH assessments.

This has led Bondloc to invest and expand its safer product range to include low, medium and high strength threadlockers, a WRAS approved pipe sealant, an instant gasket, a flexible gasket, and a high strength retainer.

Green Performance

The greener anaerobic counterparts essentially work with the same anaerobic curing process in that it cures in the absence of air and when in contact with metal ions. While standard versions may be classed as a skin irritant or corrosive, the new “white label” range is not.

To develop white label products, we review the base formulation; the resin structure, the monomer system, and look at what gives it strength, temperature resistance, and what is controlling the viscosity. We then look at substituting the components with a less-hazardous alternative,” said Warren Wilkinson, joint MD of Bondloc.

From a visual, performance and curing perspective the white label formulations are expected to work the same as the current system. It is still the same anaerobic system. We also decided to keep the price points of the WL range the same as their predecessors to encourage more users to switch to a more sustainable product,” added Wilkinson.

Source: Bondloc UK

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