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Bostik Develops One-Component, Easy to Trowel Adhesive for Thin Porcelain Tile Panel Installations

Published on 2017-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, presents Bosti-Set™, a premium adhesive and sound reduction membrane created specifically for thin porcelain tile panel installations. Offering unprecedented, instant grab and holding power, with just a single coat of adhesive on the back of the panel, wall installation is now much faster and easier. Outstanding workability allows panels to be repositioned for up to 30 minutes with no slip or sag. As a result, projects can be completed faster and safer, with more precision, while offering exceptional sound abatement properties.


Remarkable Instant Grab and Holder Power in Single Coat

According to Bostik’s Eric Kurtz, LEED® Green Associate Market Manager – Hardwood, Resilient & Surface Preparation Systems

“Understanding this new category of tiling as well as current limitations in current installation techniques, Bostik R&D created a revolutionary new installation system. We developed a product that immediately grabbed porcelain tile panels in a single coat, did not allow any sag, yet made it possible for these panels to be repositionable for at least 30 minutes. Technologies used were environmentally friendly and contributed toward LEED® points. Above all, we created something that reduced project timelines. Via Bostik’s global technology center, chemists came up with an adhesive science breakthrough. We call that technology Tenirex™; it can only be found in Bostik’s Bosti-Set™ thin porcelain tile panel adhesive and sound reduction membrane.”

Key Features

  • Non-sag, single-coat adhesive 
  • No water or mixing 
  • Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology

Chad Bulen, Bostik’s Technical Services Manager added:

“With Bosti-Set™, projects calling for thin porcelain tile panels can now be installed in roughly half the time with a smaller crew than it took using previous techniques. Here’s why: A single layer of adhesive is troweled only onto the back of the panel, cutting the square footage necessary to trowel in half. Additionally, crewmembers dedicated to basics such as mixing, running mortar back-and-forth and similar functions, can now be re-directed to work on more skilled installation procedures.”

The patent-pending Bosti-Set™ is significantly lighter in weight with much greater coverage than typical mortars. It contains zero VOC's as calculated per SCAQMD Rule 1168 and contains 2% recycled material. Bostik’s patent-pending Thickness Control™ Spacer Technology built into Bosti-Set™, helps ensure proper membrane thickness is maintained between tile panels and the substrate. Recycled rubber crumb particles mixed into the adhesive create optimal membrane sound reduction performance. And, Bostik’s Thickness Control™ spacers ensure a flat panel edge and easy alignment throughout.

Scott Banda, Bostik’s Director of Marketing and Business Development stated:

“Roughly 30 years ago, porcelain tile was the new rage of the tile industry. Today, large format thin porcelain panels have become extremely popular for numerous reasons. In particular, because they solve so many installation problems. This newer category of high-technology tile products clearly needed the most state-of-the-art installation material. Time will tell that indeed, Bosti-Set™ is that product.”

About Bostik, Inc.

Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial, construction and consumer markets. For more than a century, it has been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales of €1.6 billion, the company employs 4,900 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. Bostik is a company of Arkema.

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Source: Bostik
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