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Bostik Enters into Structural Bonding Market with New SAF Product Line

Published on 2018-05-09. Author : SpecialChem

Bostik has entered into the world of structural bonding with its SAF structural adhesives product line for industrial applications. For over 125 years, Bostik’s non-structural adhesives have revolutionized converted and durable goods markets. Now, backed by Arkema’s expertise, the company leverages its capabilities to bring new innovations into structural bonding.

Bostik Enters into Structural Bonding with New SAF Product Line
Bostik Enters into Structural Bonding Market
with New SAF Product Line

SAF Products Offer Smart Viscosity

Strong and flexible, the SAF product line is formulated using patented methyl methacrylate technology. Featuring a range of open times, the five SAF product grades offer smart viscosity, permanent toughness and top-tier elongation, ranging from 30% to 250%. These capabilities allow for enhanced application accuracy, streamline processes, reduced waste and improved overall adhesive performance.

Providing Better Structural Bonds

Felipe Macedo, Product Line Manager for Industrial Adhesives, said:

“By understanding assembly processes as well as manufacturers’ pain points and needs, the SAF product line was developed to address these issues and provide better structural bonds than existing solutions. Additionally, as an Arkema company, we are able to provide these solutions on a global scale to manufacturers around the world.”

Ideal for marine, truck, bus, coach and signage applications, the SAF product line also possesses adhesion to many dissimilar substrates, including composites, plastics and metals.

Source: Bostik
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