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BYK Introduces DISPERBYK®-2152, a Hyperbranched Wetting & Dispersing Additive

Published on 2012-12-21. Author : SpecialChem

In order to obtain excellent pigment deflocculation and stabilization, an additive with highly effective pigment-affinic groups is required. These pigment-affinic groups are mostly aminic and able to react with epoxy resins. The ideal solution would be an additive with encapsulated aminic pigment-affinic groups. However, creating such an additive was not possible using existing technologies.

In 2011, BYK Additives & Instruments have developed DISPERBYK®-2151, an innovative additive which combines high effectivity with stability.

Now, BYK Additives & Instruments takes it to the next level with the new DISPERBYK®-2152 which is a 100% additive based on the same active substance. Thus, the mechanism of DISPERBYK®-2152 is analogous to that of DISPERBYK®-2151. The additive contains no solvents or volatile components and fulfills the strict requirements of the German AgBB as well as French VOC standards.

DISPERBYK®-2152 is recommended for use in industrial, wood and furniture, protective, and automotive coatings, as well as for ambient curing systems and adhesives.

About BYK

BYK is ALTANA Group's successful global Additives & Instruments business unit. It encompasses the additives of BYK-Chemie and the instruments business of BYK-Gardner. Both companies rank exceptionally high within their respective markets.

Source: BYK

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