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Cardanol as an Isocyanate Blocking Agent: Non-toxic Alternative for Nonyl Phenol and Phenols

Published on 2016-11-18. Author : SpecialChem

The benefits of blocked isocyanates are well known in various industries including coatings and adhesives. Blocked isocyanate and blocked polyurethane prepolymer technology enable 1K polyurethane systems with reduced free isocyanates and extended storage stability by minimizing moisture sensitivity of the system. Coating applications such as electro-deposition, electro-static spraying, powder coating, insulating wire coating, and coil coatings have extensively explored this technology because this approach provides a solution to minimize health concerns from free isocyanate exposure while allowing coatings to cure by heat. In the case of blocked prepolymers, they are used in 1K and 2K epoxy-amine adhesives, 1K polyurethane hotmelts, pressure sensitive adhesives, and sealants.

Commonly used isocyanate blocking agents include Phenol, Nonyl phenol, Methylethylketoxime(MEKO), Alcohols, ɛ-caprolactam, Amides, Imidazoles, and Pyrazoles.The chemical structure of the blocking group has a major impact on the deblocking temperature and cure rate of the coating or adhesive, and also impact volatile content and final properties. Phenols and Nonyl phenols have been employed as isocyanate capping agents for many years, but recent health concerns over toxicity of these molecules motivated consumers to look for safer and affordable alternatives.

Cardanol, which is a renewable phenolic material derived from cashew nutshell liquid, has been introduced as the most suitable alternative to various phenols based on the following attributes:
  • Bio-base non-toxic blocking agent
  • Favorable deblocking temperature
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Low viscosity

Cardolite recently studied the performance of NX-2026 as a blocking agent in comparison to Nonyl phenol and Phenol. NX-2026 is a very light color, high purity cardanol developed with Cardolite’sproprietary technology. The NX-2026 NCO Blocking Agent presentation available at our Specialchem Storefront contains detailed data on blocking procedure, deblocking temperatures and system stability.

About Cardolite

Cardolite is a privately held producer and developer of the world's largest variety of specialty chemical products originating from Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL). CNSL is a non-edible, renewable chemical having a unique structure suitable for use as a building block of advanced materials. With over 30 years of experience, Cardolite specializes in the production of high quality CNSL-based epoxy, amine, polyol, and phenolic functional products for the coating, friction, adhesive, and composite industries. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Cardolite continues to develop innovative materials that can improve today's products. Coupled with global support and manufacturing, Cardolite strives to provide the highest quality service to the most demanding customers worldwide.
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Source: Cardolite
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