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Cardolite at CHINACOAT’14 : to Introduce New Phenalkamine Curing Agents for Adhesives

Published on 2014-11-26. Author : SpecialChem

Guangzhou, China – On December 3-5th, 2014 Cardolite will be introducing new phenalkamine curing agents for adhesive applications at Chinacoat.

Cardolite has developed NX-5607 and NX-5608 phenalkamines that have favorable labeling, faster cure at room and low temperatures, i.e. 0°C, and outstanding mechanical properties. Fast strength development at low temperature 0°C to 10°C makes NX-5607 and NX-5608 suitable for all year round construction and building adhesives such as grouts, concrete patching compounds, and rapid set repair and maintenance adhesives. These products also offer epoxy construction and building adhesives the excellent mechanical strength and high Tg required to withstand external stresses during service.
Moisture is around us all the time; that means adhesive materials are also exposed to moisture at all times. Absorption of moisture by adhesives can weaken their strength and ultimately can result in failure of the structural bonding. NX-5607 and NX-5608 provide outstanding moisture resistance and surface tolerance for wet substrates, which is an inherent benefit of CNSL technology that ensures structural bonds stay strong throughout the lifetime of the adhesive.

One common way to make amines cure faster at low temperatures is the addition of free phenols or benzyl alcohol. However, due to rising toxicity concerns over free phenols and the volatile emissions from benzyl alcohol, the coating and adhesive industries have been looking for safer alternatives with equivalent performance. NX-5607 and NX-5608 are not only high performance products that provide fast strength development at low temperature, excellent mechanical strength, high Tg, durability and surface tolerance, but are also label friendly products with no free phenols and no solvents.
A direct comparison study revealed that NX-5607 is the best option for high aging resistance and surface tolerance while NX-5608 provides the fastest strength development at 0°C and room temperature.

About Cardolite
Cardolite is the world's largest producer and developer of specialty chemical products originating from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). CNSL is a natural and renewable chemical having a unique structure suitable for use as a building block of advanced materials. Cardolite epoxy products are the backbone of paint formulations that protect assets from the most demanding environments, and Cardolite friction products are used in brake pad formulations that help stop millions of vehicles every day. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Cardolite continues to develop innovative materials that can improve today's products. Coupled with global support and manufacturing, Cardolite strives to provide the highest quality service to the most demanding customers worldwide.

Source: Cardolite

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