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Cardolite Introduced CNSL-Based Ultra LITE Series for Adhesives at China Adhesive 2014

Published on 2014-10-23. Author : SpecialChem

Shanghai, China -- On September 24-27th 2014 Cardolite introduced the Ultra LITE Series, a new renewable technology platform that enables very light color cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) based materials.

For years, CNSL has had the reputation of producing only resins and curing agents that are dark in color. Over 10 years ago, Cardolite started to change this trend and pioneered lighter CNSL-based products with wet color stability of 8-10 on the Gardner scale. The Ultra LITE Series represents another big leap forward for CNSL technology by enabling resin modifiers and diluents for epoxy systems with Gardner color 1 or less.This expands the use of CNSL chemistry to coating, adhesive and composite systems with applications requiring light colored or clear materials.

"Cardolite has over 25 years of experience advancing cashew nutshell liquid technology. As the leaders in this chemistry, we continue to develop breakthrough products to address new challenges being faced by our customers," said Timothy Stonis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing."We are pleased to launch the Ultra LITE Series as we believe this technology will give our customers the ability to replace substances that present health concerns with renewable, high performing cashew-based products."

Ultra LITE 2023 and Ultra LITE 513 are the first two high bio-content products developed with this technology. Ultra LITE 2023 is a non-reactive diluent that provides excellent dilution efficiency while accelerating the cure speed and bond strength development of amine cured epoxy systems. It is a suitable replacement for substances of concern, such as nonyl phenol, and at the same time brings along additional performance benefits. Ultra LITE 513 is a reactive epoxy modifier with good dilution power, mechanical strength,corrosion protection,and chemical resistance properties. It is an excellent alternative to glycidyl ether diluents with unfavorable health hazard labeling. Both Ultra LITE products carry intrinsic advantages of CNSL based materials such as high degree of hydrophobicity and flexibility, which result in improved water resistance and increased impact protection in formulated epoxy systems.

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About Cardolite

Cardolite is one of the world's largest producers and developers of specialty chemical products originating from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). CNSL is a natural and renewable chemical having a unique structure suitable for use as a building block of advanced materials. Cardolite epoxy products are the backbone of paint formulations that protect assets from the most demanding environments, and Cardolite friction products are used in brake pad formulations that help stop millions of vehicles every day. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Cardolite continues to develop innovative materials that can improve today's products. Coupled with global support and manufacturing, Cardolite strives to provide the highest quality service to the most demanding customers worldwide

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