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Cardolite Introduces Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based Polyols for Adhesives

Published on 2015-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

Cardolite is introducing a comprehensive line of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) based polyols for adhesives, coatings, foam, and elastomer applications. Polyols derived from CNSL have unique qualities compared to widely known polyester and polyether polyols, and other natural based polyols.

Hydrophobicity is one key advantage provided by the long aliphatic side chain present in CNSL. This hydrophobicity reduces moisture sensitivity during cure with isocyanate and results in outstanding water resistance for increased durability of the final polyurethane product. Different from other renewable polyols obtained from soy and castor oil, CNSL based polyols have an aromatic structure that translates into excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Moreover, the combination of aromaticity and long aliphatic chain delivers hydrolytic stability and high tensile, compression, and flexural strength to CNSL based polyols.

This new product line is comprised of diols, and medium and high functionality polyols.CNSL diols can be formulated into flexible foams, elastomers, and adhesives and sealants or used as a building block to produce polyurethane pre-polymers. Medium and high functionality Novolac and Mannich CNSL polyols are recommended in rigid foam formulations to enhance flame resistance, compression strength, and reduce cost of the overall formulation by minimizing the use of expensive catalysts and surfactants. Specially modified high strength CNSL polyols can be formulated in structural construction and automotive adhesives to achieve optimum performance. Furthermore, light color CNSL polyols have been developed based on Cardolite’s new Ultra LITE process technology. They have demonstrated improved color stability suitable for industrial coatings and excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties to meet strict requirements of high standard polyurethane adhesives.

Cardolite’s CNSL derived polyols are a viable alternative to petrochemical based polyols. Their high bio-content coupled with high performance, consistent quality, and widely and globally available supply make CNSL based polyols a natural choice in sustainable polyurethane formulations.

About Cardolite
Cardolite is amongst world's largest producers and developer of specialty chemical products originating from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). CNSL is a natural and renewable chemical having a unique structure suitable for use as a building block of advanced materials. Cardolite epoxy products are the backbone of paint formulations that protect assets from the most demanding environments, and Cardolite friction products are used in brake pad formulations that help stop millions of vehicles every day. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Cardolite continues to develop innovative materials that can improve today's products. Coupled with global support and manufacturing, Cardolite strives to provide the highest quality service to the most demanding customers worldwide.

Source: Cardolite 

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