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Cardolite Launches LITE 3060, a Phenalkamide Curing Agent based on CNSL Technology

Published on 2014-11-05. Author : SpecialChem

Monmouth Junction, NJ -- Cardolite is introducing LITE 3060, a renewable, light color and solvent-free phenalkamide curing agent based on cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) technology. LITE 3060 is low in viscosity to enable the formulation of true solvent-free epoxy coatings and adhesives that do not contain benzyl alcohol. The first of its kind, LITE 3060 makes it possible for formulators to transition to solvent-free systems without an increase in cost, a compromise in performance, or the need for expensive application equipment. The low admix viscosity, non-toxic labeling, good compatibility with various epoxy resins, and forgiving use levels of this product provide broad formulation latitude to coating and adhesive manufacturers.

LITE 3060 is designed for structural adhesives and protective and industrial epoxy coatings.

In a coating, LITE 3060 delivers fast cure and hardness development at low temperatures while maintaining a workable pot life and nice film appearance at adverse conditions. This product is suitable for primers, top coats, and one-coat direct-to-metal systems due to its excellent corrosion protection properties coupled with good color and gloss retention upon UV light exposure.

In an adhesive, LITE 3060 delivers fast bond strength development combined with excellent mechanical properties such as high tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths.Adhesives based on LITE 3060 can be successfully used on various substrates including poorly prepared surfaces as encountered in many construction job sites.Moreover, its excellent early water and moisture resistance due to the hydrophobicity of CNSL in combination with its broad cure conditions help lower the risk of failures in field-applied projects.

LITE 3060’s versatility, ease of use, and high performance makes the move to solvent-free formulations a natural choice.

About Cardolite

Cardolite is the world's largest producer and developer of specialty chemical products originating from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL). CNSL is a natural and renewable chemical having a unique structure suitable for use as a building block of advanced materials. Cardolite epoxy products are the backbone of paint formulations that protect assets from the most demanding environments, and Cardolite friction products are used in brake pad formulations that help stop millions of vehicles every day. With a heavy emphasis on research and development, Cardolite continues to develop innovative materials that can improve today's products. Coupled with global support and manufacturing, Cardolite strives to provide the highest quality service to the most demanding customers worldwide.

Source: Cardolite 

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