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Cardolite Presents Recently Developed Phenalkamines for Structural Adhesives

Published on 2015-12-18. Author : SpecialChem

MONMOUTH JUNCTION -- Cardolite Corporation presents NX-5607 and NX-5608 high performance phenalkamine epoxy curing agents to address new trends in the development of structural adhesives. Leveraging the inherent benefits of cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) derived materials, these curing agents were designed to satisfy the challenging performance and regulatory requirements of the adhesive industry including: solvent-free and label-friendly formulations, fast processing, excellent adhesion between new construction materials, and increased durability.

Cardolite Corporation
Fig. 1: Cardolite Corporation

As many industries move to lighter weight materials, the next generation of structural adhesives is expected to be versatile and deliver the same level of adhesion for lighter materials as they do for steel. By providing high adhesion and mechanical strength to bonds between various composite, aluminum and plastic substrates, NX-5607 and NX-5608 allow the same adhesive to be used in multiple parts of a job. These products also have high glass transition temperatures to help withstand external stress and excellent hydrophobicity to minimize moisture absorption. These two features allow for more durable bonds which in turn lead to more sustainable products.

Although new levels of performance are demanded from structural adhesives, the adhesive industry continues to face pressure to reduce costs and use non-toxic, consumer-friendly chemicals. NX-5607 and NX-5608’s fast bond strength development, even at low temperatures and high humidity, offers both time and cost savings by increasing productivity, widening the application window, and lowering the risk of adhesion failure due to uncontrollable environment conditions. To meet rising toxicity concerns and lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emission targets, these products contain no solvents, phenols, or benzyl alcohol.

Marketed and volume produced by Cardolite for over a year, NX-5607 and NX-5608 have been successfully formulated in adhesives for automotive, industrial, field-applied construction, rapid-set repair, and maintenance applications.

About Cardolite

Cardolite Corporation is a privately held manufacturer of the world’s largest variety of products derived from CNSL. The unique properties of CNSL are used to develop and produce a wide range of products to service the coating, friction material, adhesive, and composite markets. With over 30 years of experience, Cardolite is the leader in the specialized production of quality CNSL based materials. The company’s customer base includes all types of companies ranging from large Fortune 500 corporations to small specialty manufacturers. With sales offices, representatives, and distribution facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Cardolite prides itself on delivering high quality products and services across the globe. Cardolite manufactures all products at production plants in Newark, New Jersey (USA), Mangalore, Karnataka (India) and Zhuhai, Guangdong (China).

Source: Cardolite

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