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Chimet Introduces Electrically Conductive Adhesive for Low Stress Solder Join

Published on 2017-07-05. Author : SpecialChem

Chimet has introduced Ag910EI, a one component epoxy conductive adhesive. The new isotropic ECA is one component, RoHS compliant and can be applied by pick & place, stencil and syringe. Ag 910 EI is designed for bonding surface mount devices to flexible or rigid printed circuits. It is supplied ready to use and it can be applied by dot dispensing or stencil printing methods. Screen printing is allowed previous minor adjustment of viscosity by adding thinner 0200IT.

Electrically Conductive Adhesive

Properties of New ECA

  • Ag910EI can be dispensed on thermally sensitive substrates without damaging components because of the low temperature processing capability (i.e. 180’@80°C). 
  • Despite of the low silver content (< 60%) the new Ag910EI offers low volume resistance (< 0.00001 Ω•cm) combined with acceptable lap shear strength (> 5 N/mm2). 
  • Ag900EI is a thermosetting silver filled paste with good stability even at the processing temperature for hours. Can be stored for months at 4° to 10°C and doesn’t require freezing.


  • One component (no mixing, less waste)
  • Good bond strength / high lap shear strength
  • High conductivity
  • Very low temperature curing
  • Good resistance to vibrations and humidity
  • Low odor and no phenol contained


Ag910EI can be used in all the cases when traditional soldering is forbidden due to technical and environmental reasons in the electronic packaging. Typical applications includes membrane switch, eTextile, opto- bioelectronic devices in general.

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Source: Chimet
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