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Sika Automotive Uncovers Crash-Durable Structural Repair Adhesives

Published on 2016-08-23. Author : SpecialChem

MADISON HEIGHTS, MI -- Sika Automotive announces the addition of Crash-Durable Structural Repair Adhesives to its advanced family of industry-leading SikaPower® products. Its new product, SikaPower®-477 R for aftermarket body shop repair applications delivers adhesive performance similar to that of crash-resistant body shop adhesives applied during OEM Assembly.

Two-component Epoxy-based Structural Adhesive

High mechanical properties help to ensure the vehicle can be restored to its original condition without any compromise of structural integrity. It is essential that repaired vehicles fulfill the same safety standards as original integrated solutions, and SikaPower®-477 R meets the challenge head on.

SIKAPOWER®-477 R - Properties and Benefits

  • It is a two-component (2C) structural adhesive based on epoxy/amine technology, which features a new generation of proprietary tougheners that reduce crack sensitivity and improve crash performance.
  • It offers easy application with a standard 1C application gun at room temperature. 
  • The product cures chemically, and has a long open time - approximately 60 minutes - allowing for additional process operation steps, such as welding or riveting. 
  • It is also designed for maximum flexibility – if desired, its cure time can be accelerated by heating the product with infrared, blanket or heating devices after application. 

Crash-Durable Bonding

Crash-durable bonding is now one of the most important joining processes in the body shop, due to the direct influences of the car body structure sections during a crash event.

Advantages of SikaPower® crash-durable adhesives

  • Contribute to a significant increase in energy absorption during crash events, which makes them an ideal solution compared to traditional metal joining techniques. 
  • The superior impact peel values of SikaPower® products lead to reduction of car body intrusion during crash events.
  • Provide excellent adhesion with a wide range of substrates including steel, aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic, which allows for high-quality aftermarket structural and crash resistant repair service.
  • SikaPower® products are fast becoming effective bonding solutions for high-performance vehicles. As Sika’s body shop adhesives are fully compatible with lightweight aluminum and plastics they enable weight reduction without impacting vehicle dynamics and safety, a critical engineering challenge. In fact, Sika body shop adhesives help makes 25 million vehicles lighter, stronger and safer every year. 
About Sika Automotive

Sika Automotive is a leading innovator and supplier of automotive bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions for vehicle BIW, body structure, interior and exterior components. The company’s full range of Sika branded technologies provides increased structural performance and added acoustic comfort in automobiles, while improving automotive production processes.

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Source: Sika Automotive
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