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DELO Launches Light-curing Epoxy Adhesive for Accelerated Manufacturing Process

Published on 2019-05-17. Author : SpecialChem

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delo epoxy adhesive light fixation DELO has introduced a light fixation for two-component epoxy resins. Thanks to this hybrid chemistry, users benefit from accelerated and less complex manufacturing processes as well as simplified logistics.

DELO-DUOPOX DB8989: The Fastest Curing Adhesive

DELO-DUOPOX DB8989 is as fast as no two-part epoxy resin adhesive before. After only a few seconds of exposure, the components are so strongly protected against slipping that the entire assembly can be further processed immediately. Thus, the fixing strength after 5 seconds exposure at an intensity of 1000 mW / cm² is already 1 N / mm².

The final safe curing - including shadow zones - is then carried out at room temperature as in normal 2K products or accelerated to 80 ° C in typically 60 minutes. The first option is likely to be more interesting to most users as it eliminates the investment and energy costs associated with hot curing, saves manufacturing space, and dramatically reduces cycle and cycle times. By requiring less than a minute of dosing, joining and light fixation, the next production step can start much faster than before after 15-90 minutes.

Simplifying Logistics for Users

In addition, the new technology significantly simplifies logistics for users, as the products do not have to be transported or stored refrigerated. In addition, the 12-month shelf life allows more flexibility in production as well as the use of larger and therefore more economical containers.

"This new development is a real breakthrough," says Karl Bitzer, overall manager of product management at DELO. "It combines the benefits of light cure with the strengths of 2K products. In the future, users will only need a mixing system and lamps. Furnaces, energy and production space can be saved - and a lot of time. "

Adhesive Suitable for Optoelectronic Applications

DELO-DUOPOX DB8989 offers good strength even under the influence of temperature and humidity. Thus, the adhesive on aluminum reaches tensile shear strength of 28 MPa and retains this value even in the automotive sector required aging simulations, for example after 500 hours of storage at 85 °C and 85% relative humidity or at 150 ° C.

Therefore, it is suitable for structural bonding, for example of rare earth magnets in electric motors. In addition, the product is suitable for optoelectronic applications such as cameras thanks to its low outgassing and low shrinkage.

Two-component adhesives are known for good strength, reliable room temperature curing, good chemical resistance and easy logistics. For many high-volume applications, however, the long time to reach the initial strength was considered a major drawback - until now. For the future, DELO is planning the development of numerous other 2K products with light fixation, including potting compounds for sensor technology.

Source: DELO
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