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DELO’s New Thermally Conductive Adhesive for Bonding Silicon Die

Published on 2020-01-06. Author : SpecialChem

DELO’s New Thermally Conductive Adhesive for Bonding Silicon Dies DELO has launched MONOPOX TC2270, a thermally conductive, electrically insulating adhesive, which is ideal for bonding silicon die and other applications where rapid heat transfer is essential.

Key Features of MONOPOX TC2270

The adhesive has specific thermal conductivity of 1.7 W/mK, which ensures efficient heat transfer between die and packaging and prevents integrated circuit failure in automotive applications. MONOPOX TC2270 is also cheaper than silver epoxy, which has the often-unwanted property of being electrically as well as thermally conductive.

The minimum curing temperature is 60o C in about 90 minutes and can be used in temperature sensitive materials with little risk of introducing stress or causing warpage. In addition, MONOPOX TC2270 is a one-part adhesive, and can be stored at -18o C. Once cured, the adhesive delivers a die shear strength of 60N/mm2 and has an end-application use range of -40 to +150o C, which is adequate for most silicon-based semiconductors.

Adhesive Suitable for Bonding Large Die

Eamonn Redmond, sales manager of Inseto, said “The adhesive’s chemistry includes aluminium nitride, which ensures heat is quickly transferred away from the die, thus increasing the potential lifetime of the chip. Also, the fact that MONOPOX TC2270 is readily available in 10ml syringes means that users reduce the risk of having to dispose of out-of-date adhesive.”

DELO MONOPOX TC2270 has a high flexibility (11% compared to less than 2% exhibited by most epoxies), making the adhesive ideal for bonding larger die. MONOPOX TC2270 has a low water absorption figure of just 0.1% and, once cured, volume resistivity is greater than 1xE14 Ohm cm. The adhesive's surface resistance is greater than 1xE13 Ohms. DELO MONOPOX TC2270 has an anticipated shelf life of six months.

The TC2270 is an extremely useful adhesive in the world of microelectronics and in any application where heat must be transferred without establishing an electrical connection.” added Redmond.

The adhesive is distributed by Inseto, a DELO Industrial Adhesives’ exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland.

Source: Inseto
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