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Dow Unveils PSAs for High-performance Release Liners at APFO 2017 Expo

Published on 2017-11-24. Author : SpecialChem

Dow Performance Silicones is unveiling its pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and advanced silicone release coatings for high-performance release liners and protective films at APFO 2017 Expo Shenzhen.

A global business unit of DowDuPont Materials Science Division, and a leader in silicones, silicon-based technology and innovation, the new release coatings being launched by Dow Performance Silicones were purposely developed for customers in China’s electronics industry to be used throughout the lifecycle of electronic devices.

New Products

Dow Unveils PSAs at APFO 2017 Expo
Included in the launch is Dow Corning® 7687 Protective Film PSA, a new high-solid/high-adhesion Pt-cure PSA, SYL-OFF™ EM-7953, an emulsion release coating both for in line and off-line coating on PET substrate and SYL-OFF™ 7792 and SYL-OFF™ 7795 Fluorosilicone Release for diverse challenging applications which required ultra-low and stable release force.

Dow Performance Silicones is exhibiting in booth 9A150, at the Shenzhen Convention Center, Nov 24-26.

Innovative Silicone Technologies

Together, these innovative silicone technologies address growing demand for pressure-sensitive materials that help to increase productivity and sustainability, lower costs and facilitate the adoption of new filmic substrates with better processing and mechanical properties vs. competitive products.

They include water-based emulsion release coatings, solvent-based and solvent-less release coatings and platinum-cure PSAs.

Dow Corning® 7687 Protective Film PSA, a high-solid/high-adhesion Pt-cure PSA, was formulated for customers seeking a higher adhesion. It provides a higher solid content PSA which is more effective in blending applications of protective films. Compared to Dow Performance Silicones’s low adhesion PSAs, the high solid content enhances efficiency and performance at a lower cost. Being more cost effective to formulate than previous releases enable Dow Performance Silicones to pursue new emerging applications of high adhesion optical class films/tapes while protecting business in existing applications.

Dow Performance Silicones developed SYL-OFF™ EM-7953 Release Coating to meet the need for greater flexibility in filmic release liner applications and the growing adoption of PET substrates in the Chinese market. Developed for both for in line and off-line coating on PET substrates, this new technology provides low, stable release with lower coat weight.

To solve the pain point of ultra-low release force applications, Dow Performance Silicones’ new SYL-OFF™ 7795 Fluorosilicone Release Coatings has been developed for silicone PSA wet casting, and SYL-OFF™ 7792 Fluorosilicone Release Coatings has been developed for dry lamination, to provide lower release force and good compatibility with the company’s Silicone PSAs.

“These breakthroughs in advanced materials help increase the performance and sustainability characteristics of a manufacturer’s products without adding to their costs,” said Frank Huo, Global Segment Leader & Greater China Marketing Manager of Dow Corning. “By allowing thinner coat weights, avoiding VOC emissions, improving optical clarity and enabling fast curing at lower temperatures, these advanced silicone technologies, are giving customers the competitive advantage they need to succeed in the highly competitive packaging sector.”

Dow Performance Silicones is also featuring at APFO 2017 a wide selection of release coatings for filmic release liners (including SYL-OFF™ SL 9106 Coating, SYL-OFF™ 7200 Release Modifier, SYL-OFF™ SB 9186 Coating, and SYL-OFF™ LTC series) and silicone PSA for protective films (like low adhesion Pt PSA Dow Corning® 7660 Adhesive, Dow Corning® 7666 Adhesive & high adhesion Pt PSA Dow Corning® 7667 Adhesive, Dow Corning®7657 Adhesive, and Dow Corning® 7687 Adhesive ).

Silicone PSAs deliver significant advantages over organic PSAs for such applications, including better wet-out and heat resistance; more-stable adhesion and anchorage over time to prevent migration; greater optical clarity (non-yellowing); cleaner removal without residues; and easier repositioning.

For instance, Dow Corning® 7666 Adhesive –a low-adhesion, solvent-less, platinum-cure PSA designed specifically for protective films used in processing and assembly of electronic devices—offers highly stable adhesion control and cost-effectiveness. It can be used together with high-adhesion PSAs such as Dow Corning® 7657 and Dow Corning® 7667 Adhesives.

Dow Performance Silicones technical experts are available for the duration of APFO 2017 to answer questions and discuss the company’s portfolio of advanced silicone release coatings and PSAs.

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Source: Dow
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