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Dow Launches Silicone-based Sealants & Adhesives for Photovoltaic Assembly

Published on 2023-03-13. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Dow Launches Silicone-based Sealants & Adhesive for Photovoltaic Assembly Dow announces the expansion of its silicone sealant products to offer photovoltaic (PV) module assembly materials, furthering the global movement toward renewable energy.

The newly launched DOWSIL™ PV product line with six silicone-based sealants and adhesives solutions can be used to deliver durability and proven performance for frame sealing, rail bonding, junction box bonding and potting, and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) installation materials.

Global Transition to Carbon Neutrality

The global transition to carbon neutrality and the desire for new and local energy sources to ensure reliable supply are creating a demand surge for high-performing, affordable, and renewable energy solutions throughout the supply chain. As the market for PV module assembly evolves to meet the rising demand for integrated building and infrastructure solar solutions, as well as large-scale solar power plants, the launch of the DOWSIL™ PV Product Line will provide customers reliable solutions with proven performance.

As needs in the building and infrastructure industries evolve, our solutions must evolve with them,” said Jean-Paul Hautekeer, global strategic market director for building and infrastructure solutions at Dow. “Our DOWSIL™ PV product line will allow us to deliver innovative, next-generation, silicone materials that support our customers’ needs while helping to advance a more sustainable world.”

Meet Customers’ Needs for Sustainability and Innovation

With multiple global production sites and backward integrated supply chains close to customer manufacturing sites, Dow is positioned to offer demonstrated solutions locally to this growing and evolving market.

There are many benefits to using these Dow technologies,” said Hautekeer. “In addition to being both locally sourced and high performing, these products are meeting customers’ needs for sustainability and innovation. Silicones are critical materials in the PV assembly and we are continuously working on more innovations within this product category, such as backsheet cracking repair solutions and solar cell encapsulation through silicone technology.”

Aligned with Dow’s continued commitment to its 2025 sustainability goal of delivering breakthrough climate innovations, the new solutions from the DOWSIL™ PV product line will help create a more sustainable world as a result of their increased net positive impact. Dow will continue to offer solutions for power electronics applications, inverter encapsulants, and the leading polyolefin elastomer (POE) ENGAGE™ PV Encapsulant product line.

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