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Dow Launched Silicone-based Fast Cure Sealants for Glass Façades

Published on 2018-10-05. Author : SpecialChem

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The Dow Chemical Company exhibited 50+ years of silicon-based technology, innovation and proven performance of its DOWSIL™ branded solutions at at the Windows, Doors and Façades Show in Dubai.

Advanced Sealants for Structural Bonding

DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra-Fast Bonding Sealant for structural glazing silicone technology for pure glass façades

Dow introduced DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra-Fast Bonding Sealant, a new productivity structural glazing silicone technology for pure glass façades. This sealant is characterized by a very fast cure process and adhesion build up on metal and glass, enabling shorter processing and cycle times and enhancing productivity.

Its high structural capability and excellent long term U.V. resistance makes it suitable for structural glazing, window and door bonding and other manual, semi or fully automated fabrications.

DOWSIL™ 994 Ultra-Fast Bonding Sealant maintains a European approval for structural glazing (ETAG 002).

Dow also presented DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm-Edge IG Sealant, a new insulating glass silicone designed to enhance energy performance and cost efficiency. This product aims to help designers address challenges such as design and aesthetics, temperature control of indoor climates, durability and safety requirements on a building project, while meeting the overall performance requirements as defined by the building owner.

Crystal Clear and High Performance Bonding Solutions

Visitors to Dow’s booth had the opportunity to meet the development and technical experts to further discuss the company’s capabilities and contribution toward modern façade design applications such as crystal clear bonding and high performance bonding of façade cladding.

DOWSIL™ Crystal Clear Bonding includes a range of solutions designed to enable the construction of almost invisible advanced interior and exterior glass designs in a variety of applications including point-fixation in glass façades, area lamination, two-sided insulating glass edge designs and general structural bonding.

Tailor-made for non-glass cladding applications, the DOWSIL™ PanelFix System is a highly durable solution for silicone bonding of non-glass, ventilated façade panels both in factory and on-site. Its use enables sleek, flush, uninterrupted façades without the need for mechanical fixation, providing unprecedented choice and design freedom for architects, building owners and engineers by expanding the possibilities for cladding design.

Developing Game-changing Solutions

“Dow continues to develop game-changing solutions which enable buildings to stand the test of time,” said Markus Plettau, marketing manager for EMEA, High Performance Building. “DOWSIL™ brand silicones in façade applications have already been performing for more than 50 years. Our cutting-edge silicone technologies are at the forefront of innovation in modern glass façades and continue to influence not only the longevity of a building, but also the quality, design and beauty of the built environment.”

Source: Dow Chemical Company
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