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Dymax Corporation Launches Epoxy Adhesive for Medical Device Assembly

Published on 2020-06-26. Author : SpecialChem

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Dymax Corporation Launches Epoxy Adhesive for Medical Device Assembly Dymax Corporation launches MD® 250-CTH, a cationic epoxy adhesive in the MD® medical device adhesives range, for medical device assembly. MD® 250-CTH is formulated for manufacturers that require low shrinkage for lens alignment and cementing of endoscope/microscope lenses.

MD® 250-CTH - High Modulus with Resistance to Deformation

MD® 250-CTH is suitable for the positioning of camera/light modules within endoscope assemblies. The semi-opaque off-white color of the adhesive provides light-blocking functionality for use around lighted camera components. The product's high modulus and durometer offer stiffness and resistance to deformation interfering with the position.

MD® 250-CTH cures in broad-spectrum UV/Visible light at 365 nm, 385 nm, or 405 nm. The adhesive cures in heat at 80-85°C, enabling low-temperature heat-cure in 20-35 minutes.

Flexible Curing Options for Bonding Multiple Substrates

The physical properties of the adhesive remain the same after curing with only UV light, UV light and heat, or only heat. Dymax MD® 250-CTH heat-only curing functionality is ideal for ensuring complete cure in true dark-shadow areas.

The epoxy adhesive has high bond strength to a variety of substrates including plastics, FR-4, and glass. MD® 250-CTH features lower water absorption for accelerated aging and real-time storage conditions in high-heat and humid environments.

Source: Dymax Corporation
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