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New Epoxy-functional Cardanol-based Diluent for Electronic Applications: Cardolite

Published on 2018-01-16. Author : SpecialChem

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Cardolite has introduced LITE 513E, the first epoxy-functional, cardanol-based diluent with low total chlorine/halogen content (≤ 1000ppm). LITE 513E is a low color, low viscosity, monofunctional epoxy reactive diluent designed to meet the stringent performance needs of electronics and electrical applications such as adhesives, potting, and encapsulation while still maintaining the desirable properties of the NC-513 family.

Epoxy-functional Cardanol-based Diluent for Electronic Applications
Epoxy-functional Cardanol-based Diluent for Electronic Applications

Low Total Chlorine/Halogen Content

  • LITE 513E’s very low viscosity enables solvent-free formulations with enhanced workability and reduced shrinkage without compromising performance properties.
  • The long hydrophobic aliphatic side chain inherited from cardanol, provides moisture resistance and water resistance as well as balanced mechanical properties.

Monofunctional Epoxy Reactive Diluent

As with other NC-513 diluents, LITE 513E reduces exotherm of epoxy-amine reactions, lengthens thermal shock cycles, and increases flexibility and bond strength of the system to protect the integrity of electrical and electronic components. Moreover, studies have shown that the NC-513 product family deliver excellent resistance against highly corrosive chemicals and adverse conditions including wet and saline environments.

LITE 513E is a natural choice for formulators that look for performance and sustainability in one product. The combination of high biocontent from distilled cashew nutshell liquid (cardanol), a non-edible and annually renewable building block, and excellent properties at low viscosity, enable high performing and label-friendly, solvent-free epoxy systems.  

Source: Cardolite
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