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Epoxyset Introduces EB-142HT-1, a 2C Room Temperature Cure Epoxy for Bonding, Sealing and more

Published on 2013-10-01. Author : SpecialChem

EB-142HT-1 is a two component, room temperature cure epoxy. It can be used for many different applications such as bonding, encapsulating, sealing, and coating. It features excellent temperature resistance up to 210°C (410°F) with outstanding chemical resistance. It is resistant to a wide variety of acids, bases, solvents, fuels, oils, salts, and detergents. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties. EB-142HT-1 has a 100:40 mix ratio by weight and a convenient 2:1 mix ration by volume. It is used an several different industries including medical imaging, aerospace, and automotive preferring EB-142HT-1 over other products for its excellent performance and ease of application.EB-142HT-1 bonds well to metals, glass, ceramics, wood, and most plastics.

About Epoxyset

Epoxyset's core belief is to provide quality products with unprecedented service to our customers. The company is a custom formulator of epoxies, silicones and urethanes for demanding applications in MicroElectronics / Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Industrial applications.

Source: Epoxyset

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