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Biocompatible Fluorescent UV Adhesive for Medical Devices - Panacol

Published on 2019-10-18. Edited By : SpecialChem

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New Fluorescent Orange UV Adhesive for Medical DevicesPanacol has formulated a new orange fluorescent UV adhesive Vitralit® 7311 FO for bonding plastics. The new formulation has been tested and certified according to USP Class VI standards making it a perfect solution for bonding medical devices.

Properties of Vitralit® 7311 FO

  • A low viscosity, transparent acrylic adhesive that cures under UV or visible light.
  • Offers high bond strength to many plastics including PC, PVC, PMMA or ABS and also to materials, such as glass and stainless steel.
  • Suited for bonding large surfaces as well as applications with narrow gaps due to its low viscosity and capillary flow characteristics.
  • Fluoresces orange under low intensity black light (365 nm wavelength) therebY, allowing in-line inspection for quality control. The bright fluorescence is highly contrasting with plastics possessing a natural blue fluorescence or color.
  • Optimum curing results can be achieved with LED curing equipment with a wavelength of 405 nm, especially the UV-LED equipment Bluepoint LED eco from Hoenle.

Bluepoint LED eco can be equipped with both 365 nm and 405 nm wavelengths, serving both the processes. Modern photo initiators allow Vitralit® 7311 FO to be cured especially in high volume production within seconds.

USP Class VI Certification

Once cured, Vitralit® 7311 FO is humidity and alcohol resistant. The new product is compatible to common sterilization processes like autoclaving, gamma radiation, E-Beam or ETO and well suited for use in the assembly of disposable medical devices.

Source: Panacol
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