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Fusetex Develops a Unique Hotmelt Adhesive Powder

Published on 2012-05-08. Author : SpecialChem

Hawkwell, Hockley Essex -- Fusetex Ltd has prepared a unique hot melt adhesive powder which is marketed under the Curabond brand. The base polymer dissolves at a temperature around 100 - 110°C and on further heating the melt viscosity increases to a stage whereby it can withstand elevated temperatures of up to 250°C. The powder has a shelf life of more than an year under normal storage conditions and is available in a range of particle sizes.

The polymer chain has a large proportion of polar chemical groups which facilitate excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates such as glass fiber and aluminum. It also offers excellent adhesion to Kevlar® and carbon fiber as well as difficult finishes such as Teflon® (fluorocarbon) and silicone. Ideal applications for advanced Curabond adhesive powder include deep draw molding such as headliners, door panels and parcel shelves for automotive trim, carpet tiles and the rapidly expanding composite market to name but a few.

About Fusetex

Fusetex Limited is a UK based worldwide chemical distributor specialising in high performance industrial polymers. Fusetex Ltd incorporates over 40 years of experience in the developments and manufacturing of industrial polymers for varied industries and different applications, such as non-iron shirts, lamination, textiles, automotive, carpet backings, home furnishings and footwear among others.

Written By : Specialchem Editorial Team
Based on information displayed on http://www.prweb.com

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