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Henkel to Present Adhesive Innovations Promoting Circular Economy at drupa

Published on 2024-05-20. Edited By : SpecialChem

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henkel-drupa-2024-flex-pack-circularity_HighHenkel Adhesive Technologies will be presenting adhesive and coating innovations at drupa in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event will be held from May 28 to June 7.

At drupa, Henkel will focus on its developments within circularity, carbon footprint reduction and innovation. From flexible packaging to paper packaging and specialty tapes & labels, Henkel offers a broad portfolio of adhesives and coatings to meet the requirements of the packaging and printing industry.

Improve Recyclability of Packaging

Henkel is committed to actively supporting a circular economy by making it possible to return high-quality materials into the loop after use, turning waste back into valuable resources.

The adhesives used in packages typically only make up no more than five percent of the total weight – yet their properties can actually make the difference when it comes to the overall recyclability of the material. Henkel’s RE range of adhesives and coatings are “designed for recycling” and that improves both the recyclability of packaging and makes it possible to use recycled content in new packaging.

One of the product highlights is Aquence PS 3017 RE, a water-based acrylic adhesive that was developed for olefin-based film labels on washable PET bottles. It makes the process of removing the labels from the bottles easier and more energy efficient, while the purity and value of the recycled PET bottle are also increased.

Another one is polyolefin-based extrudable hot melt solution for reclosable lids in food packaging with easy opening and lasting reclosability. It has the lowest odor and superior transparency for better customer experience and is compatible with PET and PE which allows better recyclability.

Highlighting Latest Advances in UV PSAs

Henkel’s ECO Range includes both direct bio and mass-balanced adhesives, optimizing the carbon footprint of end products and packaging. Additionally, the company will highlight its functional coatings, which enable the shift toward mono-material packaging designs. Other topics will include low-temperature adhesives and the company’s expertise in lifecycle assessments.

Visitors at the drupa will also get insights on Henkel’s EPIX technology platform, which is designed to bring functional barrier protection to paper packaging applications.

The company will also showcase functional coatings for flexible packaging as well as its expert position on food safety. Latest advances in UV pressure sensitive adhesives will also take center stage, and visitors can learn more about how this technology can drive both energy savings and lower emissions. The company will also debut its progress in smart equipment and service solutions.

Expert Talks

At the open platform “touchpoint packaging”, Damien Fourcade, sustainability manager packaging at Henkel, and Martin Hilgenstock, senior manager in Business Development at Henkel, will explore the dynamic landscape of the packaging industry on May 31. They will shed light on how Henkel can be a partner in the design phase of packaging to enable recyclability for all materials and support the need for faster market launches. In their presentation, they will outline strategies for possible collaborations across the value chain as well as new solutions that combine both sustainability and company growth.

To live up to our ‘Respect, Rethink, Reinvent’ claim, we work with leading providers in the packaging industry – from machine suppliers to material suppliers. Innovations are created in dialog with our partners,” says Richard Scholta, director marketing & Strategy Packaging at Henkel. “Out of respect for humanity and the environment, we are questioning the status quo and working together to implement numerous projects aimed at developing pioneering packaging solutions. And all without compromising on efficiency or performance.”

At Henkel’s exhibition stand, drupa visitors can find out for themselves just how important strategic partnerships are for a sustainable packaging industry. In addition to the company's own innovations, joint packaging projects with leading machine and material manufacturers will be presented there. On a partner day, the company will combine its expertise with cyclos-HTP Institute (CHI), a renowned institute assessing and certifying the recyclability of packaging and goods. You can arrange an appointment in advance for an expert discussion at the exhibition stand with Henkel and both partner companies.

Source: Henkel

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