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Huntsman Introduces Two-component Methacrylate Adhesive Systems for Vehicle Manufacturers

Published on 2016-06-22. Author : SpecialChem

Among other trends, Huntsman’s introduction of ARALDITE® 2021-1 and ARALDITE® 2022-1 will sees vehicle manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket benefitting from increased levels of productivity and performance on structural adhesive applications.

ARALDITE® Adhesives - Extended Performance in Automotive Assembly

ARALDITE 2021-1 and ARALDITE 2022-1 Offer Significant Benefits in Automotive
Fig. 1: ARALDITE 2021-1 and ARALDITE 2022-1 Offer
Significant Benefits in Automotive

These two-component, toughened, methacrylate adhesive systems replace ARALDITE® 2021 and ARALDITE® 2022 respectively, with the new products offering measurable improvements.

Both are well suited for use on auto interior modules, exterior finishes, lights, headlamps, repairs and aftermarket operations with significant features including improved elongation at break, notable toughness and resilience to vibrations, dynamic loading, mechanical impact and assembly of dissimilar substrates.

Non-sagging and gap-filling properties enable easy processing and make vertical applications possible. These products also provide good shear strength across various substrates and temperatures up to 100˚C along with tolerance of non-ideal surfaces which enhance their processing capabilities while increasing productivity and performance levels.

Another significant change is the new, adhesive packaging design. The innovative cartridge has been created to include a re-designed application nozzle, which successfully stops cross-contamination between the resin and activator, preventing the cartridge being blocked by cured adhesive residues after the first use.

The excellent properties and processing efficiencies delivered by ARALDITE 2021-1® and ARALDITE 2022-1®’s predecessors, are found in diverse automotive assembly operations.

Various cases highlight ARALDITE® 2021’s recognized capabilities as a key enabler for rapid assembly and fast curing operations. In one example, a leading German automotive manufacturer specified this adhesive to speed up production in bonding fasteners onto a door capping application, achieving a high quality end result at the same time thanks to this adhesive’s excellent weather resistance.

Weather resistance and high peel strength featured as important factors in a Spanish automaker’s decision to use this adhesive to assemble the dissimilar bodywork components of an electric vehicle, where once again, ARALDITE 2021’s rapid processing capabilities also represented key criteria. In another bodywork bonding application, ARALDITE 2021® was used to bond hidden, vertical joints, improving the aesthetic finish of the vehicle while facilitating processing efficiencies with its paint compatibility and non-sagging properties.

Ease of use and processing are common elements that have affected automakers’ decisions to use both ARALDITE® 2021 and ARALDITE® 2022, for both new products and repairs. ARALDITE® 2022, for example, has enabled the secure and quick bonding of a car bumper in a repair operation and provided shorter cure times and ease of repeatability in the manufacture of PA6 to steel component tailgate plugs.

The excellent temperature resistance that the new products build on can also be seen in a mini-van tailgate interior bonding application where ARALDITE® 2022 has been successful in resisting temperatures ranging from -40˚C to 90˚C and managing dynamic loads.

In order to support this fast moving market, Huntsman recently consolidated its Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) adhesives manufacturing into a single dedicated plant in the EU, simplifying the business’ internal supply chain and ensuring faster deliveries to customers in line with anticipated demand for adhesives in the future.

Laurent Pourcheron, Marketing Manager, Adhesives for Huntsman Advanced Materials comments, “It’s a fundamental part of our business philosophy to continuously develop our products with improved property increases that enhance our customers’ manufacturing practices.”

ARALDITE® 2021-1 and ARALDITE® 2022-1 are advances which continue this policy, providing our customers with measurable benefits in performance, processes and profitability.”

ARALDITE ® is a registered trademark of Huntsman LLC or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all, countries.

About Huntsman

Huntsman Corporation is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals with 2015 revenues of approximately $10 billion. Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets. We operate more than 100 manufacturing and R&D facilities in approximately 30 countries and employ approximately 15,000 associates within our 5 distinct business divisions. The company’s unique portfolio includes a broad range of epoxy resins and formulated systems which appeal to companies working in challenging markets who want to be at the forefront of innovation and product development.

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Source: Huntsman

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