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Incorez Launches Two High-performance Additives for use in Sealants and Adhesives

Published on 2013-05-08. Author : SpecialChem

Incorez, a global manufacturer of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents and waterborne polyurethane dispersions, has introduced two high performance additives for use in sealants and adhesives.

The two new products, Incozol BH and Incorez STP, were launched at the European Coatings Show 2013 to give customers an insight into the range of benefits they can provide to sealant and adhesive systems.

Incorez STP is a silane terminated polyurethane prepolymer which can be formulated into sealants and adhesives to provide bubble-free films with good elastic properties.

It is a high molecular weight prepolymer consisting of a polyurethane backbone and a tri-functional silane end group, which enables it to provide major benefits to formulated systems such as good adhesion to non-porous substrates, good UV resistance, good workability and a broad range of application possibilities.

This prepolymer is primarily designed to act as a binder for moisture-curing sealants and elastic adhesives and can be typically used for applications including, flexible joint sealants and elastic wood floor bonding adhesives.

Incozol BH is an aldimine latent hardener specially designed for one component PU systems and is suitable for use with both aromatic and aliphatic prepolymers. It prevents the production of CO2 gas and enables bubble-free curing in high build films.

The latent hardener also exhibits good in-can stability with aromatic prepolymers which makes it more suited to 1K aromatic systems than standard latent curing agents.

It can be typically applied to many existing 1K aromatic systems including, flexible joint sealants, construction sealants, elastic bonding adhesives and general sealing and bonding compounds.

About Incorez

Founded in 1986, Incorez Ltd has rapidly gained prominence as a specialist manufacturer of oxazolidines, waterborne epoxy curing agents and waterborne polyurethane dispersions. These high performance materials are sold globally to producers of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. As demand for its products continues to stretch across the globe, the company continues to expand its network of international distributors to over 30 countries worldwide. There is also a manufacturing facility, Incorez Corp., based in the USA. Incorez are part of the Sika Group, a global company with a worldwide network of subsidiaries active in the fields of speciality chemicals for construction and industry.

Source: Incorez

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