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Intertronics Launches ADH 9454 Adhesive, a High-viscosity Gap Filling Cyanoacrylate

Published on 2014-12-24. Author : SpecialChem

The ADH 9454 adhesive from Intertronics is a gap filling cyanoacrylate (instant) gel suitable for use on vertical and porous surfaces in a wide range of industrial assembly applications. Dispensing is accurate and efficient when applied with the IJF ATD Autotube Dispensing System.

The surface insensitive ADH 9454 cyanoacrylate gel has high viscosity so preventing runs on inclined or vertical surfaces during the very short (3 to 60 seconds) fixture time. This viscosity also enables a high degree of gap filling (up to 0.50mm) and ensures that the adhesive is not absorbed into porous substrates – thus ensuring a good bondline.

Use in production environments is facilitated by use of the IJF ATD Autotube collapsible tube dispenser which eliminates waste, avoids material contamination, improves operator safety and eliminates air bubbles, while preventing tube damage and messy material transfers. In this system, an adapter and cartridge are attached to the collapsible 20 gram material tube, which is then placed into a cartridge retainer. The retainer is pressurised and controlled by pressure dispenser for even and controlled material output. The cartridge retainer can be supported in a gun handle with a trigger switch to actuate the pressure dispenser, or mounted on a stand and activated using a foot switch.

About Intertronics
Intertronics was established in 1979, originally to sell hand soldering consumables - not just as a distributor but as a proactive and reliable supplier. As the company's product range developed and its customer base grew, the company quickly began to earn an envied reputation. Intertronics understood its customers - their products, processes and needs.

Source: Intertronics

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