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Jowat Launches Instant Adhesive for Quick Assembly Bonding

Published on 2021-05-04. Author : SpecialChem

Jowat Launches Instant Adhesive for Quick Assembly BondingJowat launches Jowat® 975.30, a versatile adhesive for the assembly of different materials in applications with short cycle times and process times.

The advantage of this adhesive compared to other products lies in its instant build-up of strength when processed at room temperature. The bonding strength is reached within a few seconds due to the reaction with humidity.

Broad Spectrum of Adhesion

Jowat® 975.30 is characterized by broad spectrum of adhesion to different metals, plastics, as well as to many types of wood, paper, leather and textiles.

Fixture time is the time required by an adhesive bonding (250 mm2) to develop the strength necessary to hold a load of 3 kg for 10 seconds. The fixture time depends on the substrate. The table above provides overview of fixture times for different materials using shear overlap.

Uniform Distribution of Stress

The new Jowat® 975.30 offers instant build-up of strength, showing initial strength within a few seconds. It also offers broad range of adhesion to porous / absorbent substrates, e.g. wood, paper, leather and textiles and to different types of metals and plastics.

Jowat® 975.30 offers powerful performance due to uniform distribution of stress from different substrate combinations.

Bonding process of Jowat® 975.30

  • Prior to adhesive application: The bonding surface should be clean, dry add free of grease.
  • One-sided adhesive application: Due to the short processing timeframe, the materials should be positioned accurately. Repositioning is possible only to a limited extent.
  • Joining of the substrate within a few seconds.
  • Fixture of the parts until further processing is possible depending on depending on material, bonding partners, adhesive application amount, and ambient temperatures.
  • Final strength is reached within 24 to 72 hours.

Source: Jowat
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