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LINTEC to Launch Eight Adhesive Materials for Stickers and Labels

Published on 2015-10-12. Author : SpecialChem

LINTEC has recently developed eight new adhesive materials for use in stickers and labels, which will be launched in order from November. Before then, they were presented at the LABELEXPO EUROPE 2015.

Fig. 1: LINTEC

Special products that can be applied to oily surfaces, are flame-retardant, or are the result of research on ultra-thin labelstock

Oil tolerant labelstock
Labelstock treated with a unique adhesive so that they can be applied even to steel plates and other oily surfaces. Suitable for use as control labels in various industries, including steel and automotives, and as product labels for food and cosmetics.

Oil-and water-repellent labelstock
Adhesive film with the capacity to repel water and oil due to the special surface coating. Excellent oil-and water-slip properties. Transparent polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film is used as the facestock. Suitable as overlaminating film for oil-tolerant labelstock, as protective film for helmet visors, etc.

Flame-retardant labelstock
Labelstock with reduced risk of label combustion due to the adhesives containing halogen-free flame retardant agent. UL 94 VTM-0 certification has been achieved. Suitable for use as warning, identification and branding labels for home appliances, batteries, automotive and aerospace.

Ultra-thin white labelstock
Thin-film labelstock for which the total thickness of the facestock and adhesive is kept to just 18 μm. Even though the layer of adhesive is very thin, it possesses high adhesion. The length per roll can be increased, and the weight of the labels themselves can be reduced. Suitable for product labels, lightweight decals for racing cars and aerospace, etc.

Unique value addition: From children's fancy stickers to high-tactile-quality display and decorative stickers

Extra-low adhesion labelstock

Labelstock employing an innovative new adhesive that can be easily applied, removed and re-applied. Suitable for a wide range of uses, including fancy labels for children and eye-catching labels in shops.

Non-conductive gunmetal labelstock
Metalized labelstock with a gunmetal appearance that adds a luxurious finish to product labelling and branding without using aluminum. Incorporating a non-conductive material to metalize, this is appropriate for printing with laser printers, and heating with microwave ovens. Suitable for product labels for cosmetics, etc., eye-catching labels, decorative labels, food labels, etc.

Recycled PET labelstock
Environmentally friendly labelstock produced from recycled PET resin film made from PET bottles. Recycled PET resin makes up at least 80% of the facestock. Helpful for conserving fossil-fuel resources. Equivalent transparency and process applicability as conventional PET film. Suitable for product labels, eye-catching labels, etc.
• First launch, in Japan, completed during February 2015.

Revolutionary bubble-free labelstock


LINTEC is creating new value by evolving core technologies. The Company’s technologies are based on the four unique, core technologies it has refined up until today. By fusing these technologies in a sophisticated manner, LINTEC will develop more-differentiated and revolutionary products.

Source: LINTEC

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