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LINTEC to Launch Newly-designed, Bubble-free Labelstock

Published on 2015-10-16. Author : SpecialChem

LINTEC has recently developed an easy-to-apply and outgassing-resistant labelstock that provides a release mechanism for volatile gases commonly found within plastics, preventing the formation of blisters beneath the label. It will be launched in January, 2016. Together with various other new products, this product was presented at LABELEXPO EUROPE 2015.

Fig. 1: LINTEC

Newly-designed, bubble-free labelstock that can be easily and neatly applied, and overcomes the problem of blisters.

In general, when adhesive film for labels is applied, air remains trapped, so they sometimes do not stick neatly. In addition, applying to certain plastics such as polycarbonates emits gases over time, leading to blisters and delamination.

LINTEC has developed an easy-to-apply, blister-free labelstock with a unique adhesive design that provides a release mechanism for volatile gases.

Blister resistance realised through cracking phenomenon on the adhesive surface

Previously, the technique used to achieve an adhesive with blister-free ability involved transcripting the concave-convex shape to the adhesive surface using embossed release liner upon coating.

Our new labelstock developed with a revolutionary manufacturing process differs from the conventional blister-free labelstock in the way of forming a concave-convex shape on the surface of the adhesive, with their shape self-formed to provide bubble-free ability. Due to the random orientation of the concave-convex morphology of the adhesive surface, there are fewer problems with the punching process, and the adhesive surface doesn’t select the release liner surface so that back-slitting is possible. Another feature of this new product is that it has superior retention of concave-convex shape, and therefore shows little deterioration in performance even when repeatedly placed in a high-temperature environment.

There are two alternatives for the facestock: aluminum metalized polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film and white PET film, which are easy to use for general labels,. In the future, we intend to make further use of this unique manufacturing process, with new applications such as large POP labels.


LINTEC is creating new value by evolving core technologies. The Company’s technologies are based on the four unique, core technologies it has refined up until today. By fusing these technologies in a sophisticated manner, LINTEC will develop more-differentiated and revolutionary products.

Source: LINTEC

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