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L&L Products to Launch Peel Resistant Acrylic-based Structural Adhesives

Published on 2019-03-11. Author : SpecialChem

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ll-structural-adhesiveThe use of structural adhesives has significantly increased in recent years along with the use of composites and combinations of different materials to create lightweight components. Bond designs for these lightweight constructions become more complex and sometimes designers cannot avoid undesirable peel forces.

A Solution to Overcome Undesirable Peel Forces

L&L Products has found a solution, and are proud to announce the upcoming portfolio of acrylic-based structural adhesives with versions capable of peel resistance higher than 14 N/mm without sacrificing strength, elongation or modulus.

L&L Bond A-K321 and A-K322 are fast-curing two-component toughened structural adhesives acrylic-based and will provide primerless adhesion to most metals, thermoplastics, and composites. The ratio between working time & fixture time has been optimized versus other acrylic-based systems minimizing cycle times. These products do not boil at higher bonding gaps – an ideal solution for repair or backfill of large composite structures.

Due to their low odor, these products can be used in metal-working shops and other places where the typical distinctive odour is restricted.

L&L Bond A-K321 & A-K322 will be 10:1 mix-ratio, thixotropic adhesives that also create value due to fast-mixing and rapid extrusion without sacrificing a combination of significant non-sag properties.

Key Properties of L&L Bond A-K321 & A-K322

  • Working time to Fixture time ratio: 5-9 minutes for A-K321 & 15-27 minutes for A-K322
  • Gap-fill without boiling >75 mm
  • Ultra-low odor
  • High Elongation – approx. 90%
  • High T-Peel strength – approx. 14 N/mm
  • High shear strength – > 18 MPa

More information about the products and their upcoming availability for the European market will be available at JEC March 2019.

Source: L&L Products
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