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L&L Products Showcased Adhesives & Sealants Solutions at JEC World 2023

Published on 2023-05-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

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L&L Products Showcased Adhesives & Sealants Solutions at JEC World 2023L&L Products showcased its adhesive and sealants products at JEC World 2023, a global trade show. The event was hosted in Paris, France from April 25-27, 2023. JEC World, the leading global trade show dedicated to composite materials, manufacturing technologies, and applications.

Material Solutions Showcased

The following material solutions were presented at the trade show.

L&L Seal Ambient Elastomeric Adhesives & Sealants

Ambient moisture-curing sealants completely cure at room temperature and allow for direct adhesion to many substrates without pretreatment or primers. L&L Ambient Curing Sealants are free of solvents, VOCs, and toxic isocyanates.

L&L Bond Ambient Curing Structural Adhesives

High-performance, ambient curing pumpable materials formulated to provide durable, high-strength structural adhesive bonds to a wide variety of substrates.

L&L FST Compliant Aerospace Adhesives

Designed to meet vertical burn, smoke density, and toxicity regulations for aerospace and rail applications, our epoxy-based technologies have been developed to bond and reinforce various substrates, including metal, thermoplastics, and composites.


A proprietary two-component ambient curing technology line with superior adhesion performance, unprecedented processibility ease, while typically possessing no isocyanates or organic volatiles.

Foam Core Technology

L&L’s Foaming Core Technology is a development technology internally generated pressure allows customers to create a net shape part that is light weight, strong, with varying 3D shape in one simple clean process.


An advanced engineering thermoplastic resin with excellent adhesive properties for ultimate performance and processability. T-Link™ does not require refrigeration or special handling and can be easily and quickly consolidated into a composite structure.

Composite Body Solutions (CBS)

L&L’s Composite Body Solutions (CBS™) combine highly engineered heat-activated structural adhesive material with a customized thermoplastic carrier for lightweight but strong structural applications.

Continuous Composite Systems (CCS)

CCS™ enables ultra-strong, lightweight structures at cost-competitive rates. The CCS™ continuous fiber-reinforced materials can be used as a main structure, combined with sealants or structural adhesives to create a unified macrostructure, or combined with injection molding. The CCS™ Composite Seatback was a 2023 JEC Innovation Award Finalist.

Source: L&L Products

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