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Lohmann Develops New Range of Epoxy Tapes for Structural Bonding

Published on 2017-05-15. Author : SpecialChem

Lohmann Seven Epoxy Tapes
The developments in automotive lightweight construction with a variety of different material combinations, the trend towards electro mobility and the need to save weight even in the case of adhesive solutions, always require new bonding solutions.

DuploTEC® 106xx SBF

The "Bonding Engineers" from Lohmann have the right answer. Their latest development is a family of epoxy tapes, DuploTEC® 106xx SBF, which are suitable for the structural bonding of a wide variety of materials. Two different adhesive variants are available as tapes, one of which is available in seven different adhesive thicknesses. These are: 35 μm, 70 μm, 100 μm, 125 μm, 200 μm, 630 μm, 1 mm and 2 mm.

Choose Appropriate Tape

The numerous thickness variants allow the user to choose the appropriate tape for his requirements, and thus the properties in respect to thickness, strength of the joint, and for instance elasticity.


  • Whether bonding on printed circuit boards, magnetic bonding or bonding in lightweight construction, the epoxy tapes from Lohmann meet all requirements. 
  • They possess a strong initial tack and can therefore be pre-applied. Curing takes place at temperatures above 130 ° C. The alternative curing method by means of induction or in the autoclave expands the possibilities offered in the production process by the epoxy tapes of the DuploTEC family. 
  • The tapes are resistant to weathering and are characterized by a very good chemical resistance. For example, they also easily withstand chemical conditions and temperatures of a reflow process with 280 °C.

With the epoxy tapes of the DuploTEC family, the entire solution competence of Lohmann becomes evident. The Lohmann "Bonding Engineers" support their customers in the design of the best adhesive solution for their application - whether custom-made die-cuts or rolls, whether manual or automated processing - and accompanies them up to the integration into their production process. At Lohmann, this is called the Smart Bonding Approach.

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Source: Lohmann
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