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Lohmann Unveils DuploMED Soft-Stick®, a Range of Low Trauma Medical Grade Adhesives

Published on 2016-07-12. Author : SpecialChem

DuploMED Soft-Stick® is a new range of “low trauma medical grade adhesives” that combines the advantages of traditional pressure sensitive adhesives with silicone-like softness, specifically designed for manufacturers of wound care products. “Patient comfort and safety are primary considerations when wound dressings are being changed,” says Steven DeJong, President of Lohmann Corporation, Orange, Virginia, USA. “Soft-Stick advances the capability of manufacturers to create wound care products that can be applied, repositioned, and removed without pain or the risk of damaging fragile skin.”

Soft-Stick Series features gamma-sterilization stable, gel-like PSAs

low trauma adhesive
Fig. 1: Lohmann Unveils DuploMED Soft-Stick®

The Soft-Stick Series features gamma-sterilization stable, gel-like PSAs with all the advantages of traditional silicone adhesives for pain-free, easy-off adhesion—important for patients with fragile skin. Soft-Stick is permeable to water vapor, painless, and residue-free. Dressings can be contoured to the wound and sealed around the edges.

Our customers are targeting a lower cost, gel-like alternative to silicone adhesives that still has all their advantages,” says Austin
Short, Business Development Manager. “In an environment where quality patient care is challenged by rising costs, superior performance has to be achieved, and a lower price point is a win-win for patients and clinicians.”

Reliable, skin-compatible adhesive systems are indispensable to advanced wound care. When Lohmann conducted research with wound care clinicians, they rated Soft-Stick highly for comfort, pain-free removal, and repositioning. “Caregivers applauded the performance of our Soft-Stick series,” says Short. “And manufacturers value the cost savings.”

Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have developed a range of custom adhesive solutions, slit rolls of double-sided tapes, and precision die cuts in response to specific customer needs. “The development of Soft-Stick demonstrates the effectiveness of our collaborative approach to product innovation,” says DeJong. “Our customers told us what they wanted, and we found a solution.

About Lohmann

As globally operating bonding engineers, Lohmann has demonstrated for many years and in numerous sectors that it only delivers the highest quality. Lohmann‘s name is synonymous with decades of expertise in adhesive bonds, innovative developments, the most up-to-date production processes and uncompromising customer focus.

The Lohmann group employs over 1600 staff across the world, all of whom work in line with well-defined values.

Source: Lohmann

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