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LORD Launches Fast Cure Urethane Adhesive to Reduce Queue Times

Published on 2018-06-05. Author : SpecialChem

LORD Corporation has announced the launch of LORD® 7800 Fast Cure Urethane Adhesive.

LORD® 7800 Fast Cure Urethane Adhesive

Designed for engineered thermoplastics, e-coated metals, powder painted surfaces, coated metals, composites and SMC, the LORD 7800 family will help manufacturers reduce bond and assembly time in the transportation sector.

Speed-up your Cure Time, Not your Work Time

Traditional urethanes cure and build up strength slowly, forcing manufacturers to wait for the assemblies to cure to a sufficient strength to perform the next operation in their manufacturing process. Currently, it can take 3-12 hours for a traditional urethane to reach the necessary state to drill, cut, machine and/or add other components to the assembly. In contrast, the LORD 7800 family cures quickly, reaching those usable strengths often within an hour or less with no odor or flammability issues like competing acrylics.

“We have developed a structural urethane family with a range of open times that rapidly cure once the working time has ended,” said Steve Webb, senior applications engineer, LORD Corporation. “Rather than selecting an adhesive with a shorter working time to achieve fast handling strength, the new 7800 adhesives have the range of working times and still develops strength quickly – keeping production queue times low.”

Source: LORD Corporation
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