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MCP Develops APEO-free Acrylic Polymer for PSAs

Published on 2020-09-11. Author : SpecialChem

Mallard Creek Polymers Develop APEO-free PSA Pure Acrylic Polymer Emulsion Mallard Creek Polymers, LLC. (MCP) has developed Rovene® 6592, an Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEO)-free acrylic polymer for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications. The company leveraged the Ecronova acquisition to develop Rovene® 6592 for pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) applications.

Adjustable Particle Size with APEO-free Stabilization

The technology acquired from Ecronova Polymers GmbH demonstrates minuscule particle size and unique polymerization techniques to adjust particle morphology, ambient cure crosslinking technology and APEO free stabilization techniques.

Rovene® 6592 offers improved film quality, shear performance, and sustainability. The product has a well-balanced, cross-functional low Tg acrylic adhesive base with excellent peel/loop tack and shear balance with moderate, but repeatable increase in peel over 24-hour interval. Rovene® 6592 provides improved latex properties for thin film coating applications. The mechanical stability of Rovene® 6592 allows the product to be formulated for use in adhesives applications including label, thin packaging, lamination and variety of construction adhesives.

The Rovene® 6592 is conventional solids level, MCP has introduced Rovene® 6001 and Rovene® 6502 as initial high solids PSA products.

Source: Mallard Creek Polymers
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