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New Medical Grade Sealant from Merck Animal Health

Published on 2020-03-02. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Merck Animal Health Launches New Medical Grade SealantMerck Animal Health has launched ShutOut™, an easy-to-administer teat sealant for the prevention of new intramammary infections throughout the dry period – the timeframe when cows are at the greatest risk.

ShutOut™- Sterile, Antibiotic-free Sealant

ShutOut™ is a sterile, antibiotic-free barrier designed for ease of use to meet the needs of dairy operations. The sealant is a syringeable product formulated to stay in place at the time of administration. The product comes with a short plunger stroke, dual-tip option and an easy-to-break cap, to help the milk producers efficiently treat their herd at dry-off.

The sealant has shown to prevent significantly more new infections than using no treatment at all. Research also shows that when there is a dry period infection, a teat sealant used in combination with an antibiotic, significantly reduces the severity of the infection more than using an antibiotic alone.

Ergonomically Friendly Sealant for Dry Cow Management

ShutOut™ can be used in a more comprehensive approach to dry cow management which includes Bovilis® J-5 vaccination, Guardian® cattle vaccine for calf scours prevention, and Orbenin-DC® dry cow antibiotic treatment.

Each syringe of ShutOut™ consists of 4.0 grams of a sterile, antibiotic-free, intramammary paste containing 2.6 grams of bismuth subnitrate. ShutOut™ is designed with an ergonomically friendly, dual-tip syringe with the flexibility to choose between a short tip or long tip. ShutOut™ is available in 144-syringe buckets and 24-syringe boxes.

Source: Merck Animal Health
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