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Mitsui Chemicals Unveils Two Recyclable Adhesive Resins to Promote Circular Economy

Published on 2021-02-23. Author : SpecialChem

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Mitsui Chemicals Unveils Two Recyclable Adhesive Resins to Promote Circular Economy Mitsui Chemicals adds plat-based Biomass Admer™ and Recycling Agent grade to its Admer™ range of polyolefin-based adhesive resins, which are used in multilayer bottles, tubes, films and sheets. Mitsui Chemicals has developed the environmentally friendly Admer™ EF Series in response to a high-level of need among customers and society as a whole, and to contribute towards the creation of a circular economy.

At Least 50 Percent Biomass

Featured in the new lineup are Biomass Admer™ which contains at least 50 percent biomass. It offers the same adhesive strength, moldability and molding appearance as conventional Admer™ for easy application. Admer™ EF BE550 is recommended for multilayer bottles, Admer™ EF BE300 is recommended for multilayer tubes and Admer™ EF BE518 is recommended for both multilayer films and sheets.

Recent years have seen efforts made to reduce plastic waste by avoiding the generation of this as far as possible. However, a major challenge in recycling mill ends and scrap generated in manufacturing processes has been the degradation in properties such as strength and impact resistance – this caused by the effects of heat on plastic in primary processing, as well as by the presence of other materials in plastic products such as multilayer bottles.

Adding Admer™ EF (Recycling Agent grade) during the recycling process helps to curb such reductions in strength and impact resistance. The newly developed grade will therefore make a substantial contribution to promoting a widespread shift to the mechanical recycling of packaging material and other molded plastic items.

Source: Mitsui Chemicals
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