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Momentive Introduces Thermally Resistant Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Published on 2018-06-12. Author : SpecialChem

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (“Momentive”) has launched SilGrip PSA810 pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) for specialty masking and assembly tapes used in Electronic and Industrial market segments.

Next Generation Tapes Providing High Temperature Adhesion

Momentive's Pressure sensitive adhesives

This next generation PSAs addresses the need for tapes that will perform longer at higher temperatures without losing adhesion or leaving unwanted silicone transfer behind after removal. SilGrip PSA810 adhesive can deliver dramatically advanced high temperature adhesion and allow customers to manufacture improved tapes that will perform at the ever-increasing processing temperatures required for applications such as flame spray and PCB masking.

Innovations to Overcome Challenges

“Momentive has been working at our global innovation centers and directly with specialty tape manufacturers to develop this new, innovative adhesive solution,” said Mark Fraser, Global Leader of our Pressure Sensitive Adhesives business. “We are committed to innovation and increasing the possible performance level of specialty industrial tapes by introducing adhesive products that continue to meet the ever challenging needs of the various markets that require such solutions,” added Mr. Fraser.

Silgrip PSA810 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

SilGrip PSA810 PSA is a toluene solution of polysiloxane gum and resin that is supplied at 61 percent silicone solids, and which can be further diluted with aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated solvents to lower the coating viscosity. The adhesive can be blended with SilGrip SR545 resin dispersion or with other methyl based silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and cured with benzoyl peroxide to obtain specific performance properties.

Source: Momentive
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