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Mule-Hide Products’ Low-odor Adhesive for Roofing Applications in Low Temperatures

Published on 2019-09-30. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Mule-Hide Products Co. launched new Helix® Max Llow-Rise Aadhesive which offers quick, low-odor application and strong adhesion for roofing application.

It also offers greater elongation and tensile strength, ability to be applied in colder temperatures, and the additional packaging option of convenient 5-gallon jug sets.

Helix® Max Low-Rise Adhesive

Polyurethane Foam Adhesive for Multiple Applications

Helix Max is a two-component, construction-grade polyurethane foam adhesive designed to bond approved for

  • Roof insulations
  • Thermal barriers
  • Cover boards
  • Fleece-back single-ply membranes (TPO, PVC and PVC KEE) to a wide variety of roofing substrates

It replaces MuleHide Helix Low-Rise Adhesive.

Unique Properties

  • Like the original Helix, Helix Max is applied in a single step.
  • Both parts of the adhesive are ready to use from the container and are applied simultaneously in a 1:1 ratio through a static mix tip.
  • It eliminates the need for mechanical fasteners, maintaining a continuous vapor retarder, preventing thermal bridging and protecting the structural integrity of the roof deck.
  • Helix Max can be applied in colder temperatures, helping prevent weather-related delays.
  • The substrate and ambient temperature must be above 25 F when applying Helix Max, compared to 32 F with the original Helix.
  • Elongation of up to 150% and increased tensile strength ensure an exceptionally strong bond.
  • Superior wind uplift resistance enables Helix Max to be used on taller buildings and in higher wind zones. The adhesive also is better able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Full-spray splatter application when installing fleece-back membranes provides superior hail resistance and improved energy efficiency.
  • Puncture resistance is increased by 33%-50% when full-spray splatter application is used.
  • A continuous layer of Helix Max increases a roofing system’s R-value by 0.20 to 0.50 per layer.

Low-odor & Solvent-free Formulation

Helix Max is low-odor and solvent-free which contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) or hydro chlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), making it crew-, building occupant- and environment-friendly.

In addition to the new 5-gallon jug sets, Helix Max is available in twin-pack cartridges, tanks, and 15- and 50-gallon drums.

Source: Mule-Hide Products Co.
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