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Jowat Introduces Granulate Form of Unfilled PUR Hot Melt

Published on 2016-08-05. Author : SpecialChem

Detmold -- The unfilled polyurethane hot melt adhesive (PUR) which has been introduced at the start of the year is characterized by a wide range of adhesion and an excellent thermal stability, and meets highest demands in edgebanding. With the first unfilled PUR granulate worldwide, Jowat facilitates an easy entry into the popular PUR technology for first-time processors and smaller enterprises.

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00 for Edgebanding

Jowat Introduces Granulate Form of Unfilled PUR Hot Melt
Jowat Introduces Granulate Form of Unfilled PUR Hot Melt

Jowatherm-Reaktant® 608.00 has already been used successfully in edgebanding since the start of the year. Now, Jowat has introduced a granulate version of the unfilled PUR hot melt, which can be processed on all standard edgebanding units. The translucent adhesive film of this product provides an almost invisible bondline. The adhesive can be processed without additional investments on existing applicators, only a non-stick coating on the inside of the unit is required. A special melter is not needed. Therefore, this hot melt facilitates an easy introduction to PUR technology, especially for first-time processors and smaller companies that want an adhesive which provides a superior edgebanding result from both a visual and a technical point of view.

About Jowat

Bonding is the most efficient assembly method and therefore a global growth market. The Jowat Group as medium-sized, family-owned enterprise is one of the top adhesive manufacturers around the world. Tradition and experience from almost 100 years of corporate development allow the company to act as leading company in technologies and innovations, in numerous markets and application areas. This ranking as innovative leader is made possible by the commitment and competence of its employees, the adhesive experts who always find the perfect solution for Jowat’s customers.

Source: Jowat

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