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Panacol at Compamed: Introduced Vitralit® 7041 MV, a Medical Grade Adhesive

Published on 2014-12-25. Author : SpecialChem

Recently Panacol exhibited at Compamed in Duesseldorf, Germany. Alongside displaying their already very impressive medical adhesive portfolio, they had something much more exciting up their sleeves - they introduced a brand new medical grade adhesive which wowed fellow exhibitors and visitors alike - Vitralit® 7041 MV!

Vitralit® 7041 MV has an extremely high adhesion to polycarbonate, ABS and PET and was originally constructed for plastic bonding applications such as reservoir assembly, bonding dialysis filters, connectors and IV tube sets. However thanks to its ability to bond glass and metal it also lends itself perfectly to needle and glass bonding applications.

Classification is no problem for this innovative resin; it has USP Class VI-certification and when tested, succeeded with remarkable results. Sterility isn’t an obstacle either as Vitralit® 7041 MV is compatible with sterilization by autoclaving, gamma irradiation and EtO.

This transparent acrylate adhesive isn’t like any ordinary UV glue; it has a linear shrinkage of less than 4%, and a water absorption rate of less than 7%. It can be used in a variety of bond gaps and joint configurations and offers temperature resistance between -40°C and +120°C, curing to a tough 70-80 Shore D hardness. If all this isn’t enough, Vitralit® 7041 MV is also available with fluorescent capabilities (Vitralit® 7041 MV F) giving the user the opportunity to view the bondline under UV light during the application process.

As with all UV curable resins, there are certain processes which optimise its performance and Vitralit® 7041 MV is no exception. The quickest curing results were found to be with 405 nm LEDs, however either UV or LED lights will successfully cure this grade.

Vitralit® 7041 MV is an addition to the 7041 range, which previously just consisted of a very low viscosity (50-90 mPas) version and a thixotropic paste. MV stands for medium viscosity, which places it around 200 – 400 mPas and aids with its suitability to be used for gap filling applications.

Techsil are principle distributers for Panacol within the UK, and also supply the UV Equipment used to cure the adhesives which are manufactured by Panacol’s partner company, Honle.

About Techsil
Established in 1989, Techsil has evolved into one of the most trusted Adhesives and Sealants suppliers; working with customers throughout the UK, Europe, and Asia. The company’s commitment to quality, technical excellence and reliability continues as it celebrates this 25-year milestone along with the staff and partnerships that has contributed to the company's success.

Techsil is industrial suppliers of RTV silicone, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, casting and mould making materials, hot melt adhesives, glue guns and self-adhesives tapes. We supply materials manufactured by Momentive Performance Materials, Three Bond, BJB, ITW Devcon, Power Adhesives, FastFixers, Stokvis Tapes, ChemTrend, Panacol and Hönle and it also has a growing range of Techsil's own brand products.

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