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Polyonics Unveils ESD-Safe Label & Tape Materials

Published on 2016-02-23. Author : SpecialChem

Polyonics ESD-Safe™ label and tape materials
Fig. 1: Polyonics ESD-Safe™ label and tape materials

Polyonics ESD-Safe™ label and tape materials fully comply with the latest ANSI/ESD S20.20 and its equivalent IEC 61340 requirements. They also fully comply with the ANSI/ESD S541 packaging guidelines for process required insulators used in ESD protected areas (EPA). The materials have proven to help protect ESD sensitive (ESDS) devices and to be valuable tools in helping reduce ESD in ANSI/ESD S20.20 Control Plans.

The Polyonics ESD-Safe materials provide surface resistances of greater than 10^4 and less than 10^11 Ohms and low charging pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners that produce less than 125V with liner removal, allowing them to be safely used with ESDS devices. The materials also provide the same low charging when removed post masking or for label rework and/or repositioning.

Polyonics has also developed a definitive white paper, ESD concerns with PCB assembly: Barcode Labeling and Masking supported by third part test data that covers the science behind ESD, the standards governing its measurements and proposes solutions to protect ESDS devices.

Polyonics ESD-Safe Portfolio

Polyonics ESD-Safe label materials have proven to help solve some of the most extreme electrostatic problems arising from human body (HBM) and charged device (CDM) models and are ideally suited for converters and OEMs working in the electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

About Polyonics

Polyonics manufactures high performance materials for high temperatures and harsh environments. These include thermal transfer printable label and tag materials, single and double coated tapes, laser markable label materials and printable flexible substrates. The ultra-thin polyimide, polyester and aluminum materials include ultra-high temperature, flame retardant, ESD-Safe™ and high opacity options and are used by converters and OEMs worldwide for electronics, metal processing, automotive, aerospace and medical device applications.

Source: Polyonics

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