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Polyonics Unveils High-temp Barcode Tag and Label Materials for Metal Processing

Published on 2015-09-15. Author : SpecialChem

Polyonics has introduced a new family of barcode tag and label materials designed to withstand the ultra-high temperatures and harsh environments found in hot metals processing. The materials provide durable, long term product ID and tracking to ensure accurate inventory control.

The Polyonics family of high temperature aluminum and polyimide barcode tag and label materials provides a wide variety of robust ID and tracking solutions to satisfy the unique needs of hot metal processors. The materials' durable topcoats provide abrasion resistant print surfaces for long term retention of critical bar code information. Their proven top coat chemistries produce high contrast barcodes that retain their high level of readability throughout even the most severe applications. The coatings will also not degrade during long-term exposures to elevated temperatures, chemicals, UV and weather plus resist fading and discoloring.

Polyonics high temperature barcode tags tracking pipes in metal processing
Fig. 1: Polyonics high temperature barcode tags tracking pipes in metal processing

High Temperature Bar Code Tag Materials

Polyonics polyimide and aluminum tag materials offer high contrast, long-term barcode readability up to 600°C. The 5 mil (125 µm) XF-610 (white) and XF-612 (yellow) high temperature tags include durable polymer top coats on both sides, allowing for thermal transfer printing or use of markers, crayons, etc. and provide high tear resistances. The 9 mil (229 µm) XT-660 is an aluminum composite tag with a silicone top coat on one side that can be thermal transfer printed. The XT-660 is rated at continuous temperatures of 350-450°C with short term exposures of 500°C.

High Temperature Bar Code Label Materials

Polyonics aluminum and polyimide label materials can be applied to metal surfaces up to 300°C and provide high contrast, long-term barcode readability at operational temperatures of 400-500°C and short exposures of up to 600°C. The 2 mil (50 µm) XF-519 polyimide label includes a durable polymer top coat, is ideal for auto application and can be used at continuous temperatures of 200-225°C with short exposures to 325°C. The 2 mil XF-808 aluminum label includes an ultra-durable silicone top coat that can be used at continuous operating temperatures of 200-300°C and short term exposures up to 350°C. The 2 mil aluminum XF-803 aluminum label also includes a silicone top coat and operates at continuous temperatures of 300-400°C with peeks of 600µm°C. All three label materials include aggressive pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and provide bright white, non-yellowing print surfaces that can be thermal transfer printed to produce durable, high contrast barcodes.

About Polyonics

Polyonics manufactures high performance materials for high temperatures and harsh environments. These include printable tag and label materials, single and double coated engineered tapes, laser markable label materials and flexible substrates with highly reflective and printable top coats. The ultra-thin Polyonics materials are used by OEMs and converters worldwide for high temperature, antistatic and flame retardant applications in the electronics, metal processing, automotive, aerospace and medical components industries.

Source: Polyonics

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