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Polytec PT Develops Adhesives for Automotive Power and Battery Modules

Published on 2015-10-26. Author : SpecialChem

For thermal conductive joining and potting of power circuits, traction batteries, and similar assemblies, Polytec PT has developed the Polytec TC 418 two-part epoxy system featuring 1.6 W/mW thermal conductivity, room temperature curing and a slight flexibility.

Polytec PT
Fig. 1: Polytec PT

In order to meet even higher demands regarding thermal conductivity, Polytec TC 423 is available, having 3 W/mK and being also curable at room temperature but resulting in a rigid material. Both products will withstand continuous operation temperatures up to 160 °C.

About Polytec PT

POLYTEC PT GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes specialty adhesives for applications in the electronics industry, electrical engineering, medical technology and optics.

The product range comprises electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives, transparent products for bonding optical components and fibre optics and UV-curable grades based on epoxy resins, acrylics or polyurethanes.

Source: Polytec PT

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