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SDK Unveils Karenz AOI™, an Isocyanate Monomer for General Industrial Use

Published on 2015-12-07. Author : SpecialChem

Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004) has developed a new grade of high-performance isocyanate monomer “Karenz AOI™” (2- acryloyloxyethylisocyanate), which is widely used as various types of resists applicable to production processes of electronics. The new grade product named “AOI-VM™” is designed for general industrial use. SDK will put AOI-VM™ on the market by the end of this year.

Karenz AOI™ is an isocyanate monomer. The molecule of Karenz AOI™ contains not only an isocyanato group, which easily binds to various materials, but also an acrylic group, which has copolymerizability and photo/thermo-curing. Therefore, depending on use, Karenz AOI™ can function in two ways as follows:

1) When it is added to or reacted with polymers, it can efficiently give those polymers photo-curing properties in a short time.

2) When it is used as a monomer to be incorporated into acrylic copolymer, it can perform isocyanate-curing at relatively low temperature.

The conventional Karenz AOI™ has become an essential material for electronics manufacturers, being used as resisting material for microfabrication in production of LCDs and semiconductors due to its low side reaction and high-performance photo-curing.

SDK expects that the new grade product AOI-VM™ launched this time, which is designed to have purity for general industrial use, will contribute to energy conservation in paint coating processes for plastic goods and automobiles through synthesis of high-performance resins taking advantage of AOI-VM™’s low-temperature thermo-curing property. SDK has already started shipment of trial product to some customers, and they rated the properties of it highly. SDK will start mass production of AOI-VM™ at the dedicated line in its Higashinagahara Plant located in Fukushima Prefecture, aiming to provide our customers with not only technical merit but also economic merit.

SDK Launches New Multipurpose Isocyanate Monomer
Fig. 1: SDK Launches New Isocyanate Monomer
Karenz™ isocyanate monomer series, which has flexibility in molecule design, is absolutely unique product which is mass produced only by SDK. Our customers have been placing high value on the quality of the product for a long time. SDK will aim to meet customers’ expectations by making Karenz AOI™ a new subseries of Karenz™ through addition of general industrial grade product AOI-VM™ to the existing Karenz AOI™ which is specialized as material for electronics.

SDK will exhibit AOI-VM™ and Karenz™ isocyanate monomer at “45th INTERNEPCON JAPAN” to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 13 to 15, 2016. (No.E43-46, East Hall 5)


Karenz™ is SDK’s registered brand name for a series of high-performance materials for radiation-curing technology (UV/electron beam curing). Karenz™ series consists of three categories: isocyanate monomers, multifunctional thiols, and photoinitiators.

[Karenz™ isocyanate monomer]

Karenz™ isocyanate monomer is a series of compounds which molecular has a polymerizable (meth) acrylic group and a reactive isocyanato group. SDK’s proprietary Karenz™ isocyanate monomer series has a lineup of various types including one incorporating a blocked isocyanate. Karenz™ isocyanate monomer has features as follows:


AOI stands on the name of the compound (2-acryloyloxyethylisocyanate), and VM stands on versatile monomer.

[Application proposal]

Field: Automotive coatings (OEM coatings, Refinish, Interior), Construction, Electronics, etc.

Materials: Coatings/Paintings, Sealant/Adhesive, Composite, polymer modification to add curability, etc.

About Showa Denko Group (SDK)

The Showa Denko Group continues to create excellent individualized products throught interconnection of inorganic, aluminum, and organic chemical technologies, thereby contributing to society in which affluence and sustainability are harmonized.

Source: Showa Denko Group (SDK)

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