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Sika Introduces PUR-based Mirror Grip Adhesive

Published on 2017-05-31. Author : SpecialChem

Madison Heights, MI -- Sika Corporation has announced the introduction of Sikaflex®-124 Mirror Grip into our Flat Glass product range of polyurethane and silicone adhesives and sealants.

This new product has been designed specifically for use in bonding mirrors vertically in place. Sikaflex®-124 Mirror Grip is engineered with excellent green strength for instant grip, requiring less material in mirror applications over other competitive products currently used in the market today.

Sikaflex® -124 Mirror Grip is a one component, moisture-cure, instant grip, polyurethane adhesive used to bond flat glass mirror products to a wide variety of construction materials. The product is ideal for securing vertical items in place instantly.

Product Benefits

  • Excellent green strength for instant grip 
  • Excellent adhesion on most interior substrates 
  • Low odor / Low VOC 
  • Flexible to allow movement between substrates 
  • Will not discolor or stain mirror

Areas of Application

Russ Livermore

  • Designed for adhering mirrors to multiple substrates including: Drywall Painted drywall
  • Concrete, wood, brick, tile and painted steel
  • Floor moldings and door sills Lightweight construction materials - Can be used on Category II safety film

Its Mirror Grip product has been extensively tested, offering excellent adhesion on most interior substrates and is formulated to not discolor or stain mirrors. Sikaflex®-124 Mirror Grip produces less odor than high solvent or asphaltic mirror adhesive products, with good adhesion performance to Category II safety film.

Russ Livermore, Vice President Industry Marketing, stated:

"Our new Sikaflex®-124 Mirror Grip is a great new product that offers our customers a product with excellent instant grip when installing mirrors. Since the product has excellent green strength, less material is required when used in mirror installations. Additionally, we now offer a single product than can now be used in most mirror applications reducing the need to carry multiple products for mirror installations."

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Source: Sika
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