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Epoxies, Etc. Develops Silver Filled Epoxy Adhesive for Electronics

Published on 2017-01-04. Author : SpecialChem

Fast Curing Thin Film Electrically Conductive Adhesive
Fast Curing Thin Film Electrically Conductive Adhesive
Epoxies, Etc. has developed a fast curing thin film Electrically Conductive Adhesive. Room temperature curing Electrically Conductive Adhesives are ideal for bonding and sealing applications that cannot utilize heat to cure the adhesive. However, the down side to many of these materials is the extended room temperature cure of one to three days. 40-3907 has a thin film set time of ninety minutes at room temperature and within six hours is close to full hardness (Shore D 78).

Thin Film Electrically Conductive Adhesive

This silver filled epoxy adhesive is designed for applications requiring low temperature cures. Within ninety minutes 40-3907 is thin film set and within six hours is close to full hardness. It is solvent free and filled with unique silver particles.

40-3907 may be used as a repair material for electrical traces providing better chemical resistance and adhesion than conductive inks. Other common applications for 40-3907 include solder replacement, EMI\RFI shielding, grounding, die attach, SMD attach, and flip chip attachments.


  • Fast thin film set time 
  • Room temperature cure 
  • Good bond strength
  • Good chemical resistance to gasohol, skydrol, and many organic solvents
  • High thermal conductivity

Storage and Handling:

40-3907 epoxy resin and hardener should be stored at 25°C in original tightly sealed containers. Expected shelf life is twelve months in original unopened containers.

About Epoxies, Etc.

Epoxies, Etc. is a leading resin formulator of epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. The company takes great pride in its commitment to the research, innovative development, and consistent manufacturing of materials for today's demanding applications. Its adhesives, potting compounds, and coatings are widely used in the electronic, electrical, construction, and decorative industries.

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Source: Epoxies, Etc.
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