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Single Coat Adhesive for Bonding Unvulcanized Rubber-to-metal: Lord Corporation

Published on 2016-10-03. Author : SpecialChem

Chemlok® Film Adhesive
Cary, N.C. -- LORD Corporation has introduced a new Chemlok® Film Adhesive for bonding unvulcanized rubber-to-metal. The adhesive replaces up to four layers of solvent-based primers, adhesives and tack cements with one easy-to-use, 100-percent VOC-free film.

Eliminates Need for Applying Multiple Coats

Currently, solvent-based adhesives are used for bonding rubber-to-metal in the tank and pipe lining industry. These adhesives are time-consuming to apply, and pose health and safety hazards for workers. A typical tank-lining procedure requires up to four layers of solvent-based adhesive. Each solvent layer requires 30-to-40-minutes of drying time before the next layer can be applied. Every 100-square-meters of rubber-lining using solvent-based adhesives requires 25-to-35-kilograms of solvent.

According to Andrew Heidenreich, Senior Scientist at LORD Corporation, “Chemlok Film Adhesive simplifies the traditionally labor-intensive process by eliminating the need for applying and drying up to four coats of wet adhesive and tack cement.” The film adhesive can be used for lining tanks or pipes that convey corrosive solutions such as liquid chemicals, acids, bleaching agents, oils, or salt water.

Worker safety is also improved by eliminating the risk of explosion and asphyxiation associated with applying solvent-borne adhesives in a confined space. No SCBA equipment is required during application when used as a stand-alone product.

To improve process efficiency, Chemlok Film Adhesive can be pre-laminated to uncured rubber substrates, further reducing the number of steps required to perform rubber lining. “Pre-laminating the film to the liner, takes the adhesive application process outside of the tank,” noted Heidenreich. “The pre-laminated film can then be applied directly to the metal surface in one step.”

Properties of Chemlok® Film Adhesive

  • The film adhesives have high-tack strength to hold the rubber liner in place once applied
  • Retain their tack strength over a wide range of application temperatures, yet allow for repositioning before curing ensuring a proper, tight fit. 
  • Once applied to the metal substrate, elastomers can be stitched and worked in the standard fashion. 
  • After curing, a robust, 100%-rubber-tearing bond, with excellent chemical resistance, is achieved to a variety of elastomers.

With the introduction of Chemlok Film Adhesive, LORD now offers multiple solutions to the tank-lining industry: solvent-based adhesives; low-VOC, reduced-solvent adhesives; or solvent-free adhesives. The company is also exploring new applications in other industries that would benefit from the solvent-free technology.

About LORD Corporation

LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies that significantly reduce risk and improve product performance. For more than 90 years, LORD has worked in collaboration with our customers to provide innovative oil and gas, aerospace, defense, automotive and industrial solutions. With world headquarters in Cary, N.C., LORD has approximately 3,100 employees in 26 countries and operates 19 manufacturing facilities and 10 R&D centers worldwide. LORD actively promotes STEM education and many other community engagement initiatives.

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Source: Lord Corporation
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